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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Thanks a lot

From: Mrs.Miriam Yusuf -

My Dear Beloved,

Calvary greetings, I am Miriam Dela Ysusf, widow to Late Sherrif Dela Ysusf, I am 69 years old, suffering from protracted cancer of the breast. From all indications, my condition is serious and very bad, according to my doctor it is quite obvious that I may not survive the sickness, but as a child of God I believe in his miracles therefore I will not die until Gods time for me, I will live to declare the glory of God in my life. My husband and our only son were killed in fatal auto accident on there way from the hospital to see me.

My late husband was a successful businessman, a contractor with shell petroleum, and former cabinet minister. Before his death he did some jobs for shell, just last week I got a letter from shell that the payment for the jobs are due, I was perplexed as I don't know what to do with the money at this stage of my life coupled with my state of health.

After thinking of several options, I have decided to WILL the total sum to charity through you, if you can do the work of charity, please forward your full name, address, telephone and fax numbers to me immediately for full details, such as the amount and how it will be paid to you. (My contact email:

Best regards,
Miriam Yusuf