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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

FYA/From Tham Sisulu

From: iso-8859-1?Q?Tham_Sisulu -

FYA/From Tham Sisulu
Address: Johannesburg-South Africa.

Dear Friend,

In our search for a trustworthy individual to work with us
on a very important and confidential project, we came across
your esteemed profile through our Chambers of Commerce and

My name is Mr. Tham Sisulu, a principal executive officer in
the audit department of the Peoples Bank (PBSA) here in
South Africa. During the early preliminary in-house auditing
of accounts, I discovered an account opened by one of our
late clients in 1995 and since 2000 has remained dormant
which means that nobody has been operating it up till date.
The total amount in this account is $15,500,000.00 Million
less accrued interest.Working together with the audit
manager,we decided to investigate this account for more
information. We discovered that the owner of this account, a
foreigner has died intestate leaving no heirs or next of kin
who could make a claim.

Presently, we are the only two people in our organization
with access to this information and we have decided to keep
it that way and claim the money using a you as a (third
party) to take the place of the deceased (next of kin). We
will supply the necessary information on the deceased and
ensure that the claim application is giving immediate
approval. Documents like the death certificate will be
arranged and forwarded to you for onward submission to the bank.

The project is risk-free as we will use contacts that hold
strategic positions in the bank to effect a successful
completion of the project and also ensure that all traces of
our mutual involvement are completely wiped off. These
presents no problem as all documented evidence will be
directly under their supervision.We have earmarked a
commission of 25% of the total amount for you. A further 5%
will be set aside to cover expenses on both sides, which
will include expenses incurred in processing this claim. The
remaining 70% you will help us invest in a profitable stocks
and shares in your country. We would like to get your
decision to this proposal as soon as possible. On receipt of
your decision, we will fax or email you explicit details of
the already completed groundwork on this project.

You can contact me at all times on the above email: for further explanation.

Best Regards,
Tham Sisulu.

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Intent For Partnership (Still waiting for your reply

From: Michael -

Greetings/Compliments, On 25th July 2000, Germany lost 96 passengers that were flying to New York to join a Caribbean cruise organized by Deilmann on a Concorde Flight AF4590.Visit the below links for further detail on the disaster which "shattered and stunned" Germany.,7369,347596,00.html In view of the above, I wish to introduce myself. I am Michael Gilson /B Compt (UNISA), Dip Acc (UDW), CA (SA) / a chartered accountant by profession. I have worked as a Financial Accountant at the Independent Newspapers, with previous work experience as an Internal Auditor at the University of Zululand and Business Advisor at the Small Business Development .I completed my articles with KPMG. I know the acknowledgement of this mail sounds intriguing considering the fact that there wasn't earlier information regarding my mail. Being an auditor, In December 2002 during an audit session with a client
bank here in South Africa I discovered an account opened in the Bank in 1998 by Christian Eich, I went through the files of this foreign customer which gave me a clear picture that his account has been termed dormant according to the banking laws and ethics. If this funds in his account still remains dormant and unclaimed by the Fiscal Year Ending, it would be recalled back to the Government Treasury. I studied his file and understood clearly that he did not declare his next of kin in his deposit application forms which indicates that he had no will attached to his account.This prompted me to send a routine notification to his forwarding address but got no reply. I further investigated with keen interest to find out that Christian Eich (57) perished with his families (Wife Andrea 38, Son Maxmilian, 10 and Daughter Katharina, 8.) on board Concorde Plane AF4590. It's really a tragic scene. Have a look at the links below. Having
known this, the management now want to use this opportunity to channel the funds for their own personal use. My consolidated investigations showed that they intend to use the funds for the purchase of war arms if no one comes for claims by the END of the first quarter. This is where I stand on my feet and say no just like Nelson Mandela said no to apartheid. In his autobiography, Long Walk to Freedom wrote of his release from prison in the following words "When I was among the crowd I raised my right fist and there was a roar. I had not been able to do that for twenty-seven years and it gave me a surge of strength and joy. We stayed among the crowd for only a few minutes before jumping back into the car for the drive to Cape Town... As I finally walked through those gates to enter a car on the other side, I felt even at the age of seventy-one that my life was beginning anew. My ten thousand days of imprisonment were over." My friend rather than support war, terrorism etc,
Have a look at the disasters occuring in our world today, of which there are victims and they need our assistance to make a new life. There are better ways to make this funds more beneficial to humanity than war arms. The funds in question are huge and wish not to disclose it at the moment. Furthermore, since the bank is still waiting for anyone with documents to substantiate the claims, I humbly request your co-operation and participation to claim this fund out of my country. This fund can only be approved to a foreigner having in mind that it belongs to a foreigner. I have worked on all modalities with the assistance of my close confidant attorney for years now to make this a success and it all proved positive. In essence, I have every detail on ground to establish you as the authentic beneficiary to the estate. I can procure and notarize all legal back-up documentation needed for us to get this fund out of my country. Finally, all I need from you is your trust,
unconditional co-operation and assistance. When you receive this letter, showing your dedication and honesty to assist, I will like you to contact me immediately so that we would take the necessary steps immediately and I would provide you with a detailed mail of the business venture. I look forward to your prompt response. Yours Faithfully, Mr.Michael Gilson.

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From: Mrs Maria Socorro -


Good Day,

Let me start by introducing myself, I am MRS. MARIA M. SOCORRO
letter based on the latest development at my bank, which I will like
to bring to your personal edification. I am writing you this letter
so much joy and excitement even though my heart goes out to the very
and distinguished gentleman who I was fortunate to have worked for
and extremely privileged to have known for numerous years.

I am a top official in charge of client accounts in EQUITABLE PCI BANK
the Philippines.In 2001, my client was going through a horrendous
divorce in the
United States Of America and Was on the verge of losing most of his
to his vicious and diabolical wife. As a result of this alarming
predicament, my client came to me with a very brilliant idea. He
transferred some funds, ten million two hundred thousand
dollars($10.2m) to a fixed deposit account in my bank under an alias
which only the two of us knew about as the confidentiality of the
matter was necessary for his protection.

Due to his untimely death in early 2002, the funds have
been sitting in the account ever since and will continue to do so
perpetually unless we do something about it. This is where you come
in. I located you through an agency that helps seek people by their
My client did not declare any next of kin in his official papers
including the
paper work of his bank deposit. Against this backdrop, my suggestion to
you is
that I would like you as a foreigner to stand as the next of kin to
our client so that you will be able to receive his funds. I want you to
that I have had everything planned out so that we can come out
I have contacted an attorney that will prepare the necessary document
that will back you up as the next of kin to my client. All that is
required from you at this stage is for you to provide me with your
Full Names and Address so that the attorney can commence his job.

The allocation of our money will be as follows: 20%($2.02m) to you for
your part in this, 75% for me and my partners and 5% for any
unforeseeable expenses we may incur. I think this is extremely fair, as
you have
nothing to lose but just a little time, while on the other hand I am
staking my flawless reputation among other things.

kind Regards,


From: peter frank -


RE: TRANSFER OF ($42,000.000.00 USD).
I have the courage to look for a reliable and honest person who will be
capable for this important business believing that you will never let me
down either now or in future.This mail will definitely be coming to you as a
surprise, but I must crave your indulgence to introduce myself to you.
I am the Auditor General of one of the Prime Banks here in Nigeria.I am
writing in respect of a foreign customer of my Bank (MR. ANDREAS SCHRANNER
from Munich, Germany) who perished with his whole families on 25TH JULY,
2000. Since his death,I personally have watched with keen interest to see
the next of kin but all has proved abortive as no one has come to claim his
funds and
our bank is ready to release to any foreigner who will come up as the next
of Kin to Late MR. ANDREAS SCHRANNER, my investigation proves that Mnobody
know anything about is account. The total amount involvedis $42,000,000.00

At the conclusion of the transfer 65% of the fund will be for us here, we
would give you 30% of the total transfer sum, while the remaining 5% will be
set aside to settle expenses both parties might incure during the transfer

I wait in anticipation of your co- operation in reply.

Your's sincerely,
MR.peter frank

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From: adeline kra -

01 bp 724 abj 01
avenue jean lefebvre


Cher monsieur ou madame
Permettez -moi de vous informer de mon désir de cooperér avec vous.J' ai
D'IVOIRE aussi surprenant que cela puisse paraitre.En effet, je me nomme
ADELIN DE KRA , 23 ans, fils ainé du richissime et directeur de la
puissante filiale commerciale de café et cacao du Cote d'Ivoire connu et
reconnu a LA BOURSE DES VALEURS LONDRES et dans tout le monde entier, feu
TOM DE KRA , empoisonné par ses associés lors d' un voyage d' affaires
.Après la mort de mon père , ma mère detenait une ATTESTATION DE SOLDE
BLOQUEE ET SECURISE a mon nom ici dans notre banque d'une valeur de 4,5

.Et ma mère pouvant plus supporter le decès de son mari ( mon père) mourrut
4 mois mois tard des suites d'une hypertension arterielle .Ainsi au chevet
de son lit de mort, elle me remit tous les documents justifiant la présence
de ce compte et prouvant de par la meme que j'en suis le propriétaire
attitré et me conseilla sagement d' ouvrir un compte fiable et a l'étranger
selon les recommandations de feu mon père dans lequel ces fonds doivent etre
transférés.Je vous rapelle que je suis en ce moment en COTE D'IVOIRE ,avec
ma petite seour (MARIE)car c'est la dans une banque que mon feu père a
deposé ces fonds .Je me suis donc rendu a la banque avec tous les documents
necéssaires et les autorités bancaires me demandent de fournir toutes les
reférences et informations nécessaires de ce compte a l'étranger afin que
cela puisse se faire immediatement .

Voila un peu ce en quoi va consister votre mission :
M' aider a transférer ces fonds qui vont servir des mon arrivée chez vous a
de gros investissements .Des reception de ces fonds ,je viendrai vous
rejoindre avec ma petite soeur MARIE qui est appellée a poursuivre ses
études a l'étranger selon les recommandations de feu mon père.A la reception
de ces fonds , je vous propose 15 % en guise de remerciements et 30% comme
benefice sur tous les revenus des investissements auxquels cet argent va
servir et que vous aller m'aider a monter et gérer.

S V P , monsieur ou madame
,veuillez garder la discrètion a cause des des problèmes socio politiques
que nous vivons en ce moment .Mon père a été assassiné et "LES CRIMINELS "
qui l'ont assassiné en veulent terriblement a notre vie.Je compte sur bonne
foi et votre honnetété pour que cet argent soit transféré dans les 24 heures
qui suivent pour que nous arrivions la bas ma soeur et moi .Contactez moi
des reception de ce courrier par telephone ou e mail urgemment .......

NB:je me cache en ce moment dans un hotel de la place pour des raisons
securitaires et des menaces perpetuelles dont je suis victime.
Veuillez m' appeller ou m'ecrire via e mail des reception de ce message et
surtout gardez la discretion


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Business Proposal (Reply Immediately

From: Mr. David Palmer -

Good day,

I am David Palmer, staff of SMITH & WILLIAMSON Private Banking. I am
contacting you concerning a deceased customer and an investment he placed
under our banks management three years ago. I would respectfully request
that you keep the contents of this mail confidential and respect the
integrity of the information you come by as a result of this mail. I
contacted you independently of our investigation and no one is informed of
this communication. I would like to intimate you with certain facts that I
believe would be of interest to you. In 2000, the subject matter; came to
our bank to engage in business discussions with our private banking
division. He informed us that he had a financial portfolio of Thirty
million united states dollars, which he wished to have us turn over
(invest) on his behalf. I was the officer assigned to his case; I made
numerous suggestions in line with my duties as the de-facto chief
operations officer of the private banking sector, especially given the
volume of funds he wished to put into our bank. We met on numerous
occasions prior to any investments being placed. I encouraged him to
consider various growth funds with prime ratings. The favored route in my
advice to customers is to start by assessing data on 6000 traditional
stocks and bond managers and 2000 managers of alternative investments.

Based on my advice, we spun the money around various opportunities and
made attractive margins for our first months of operation, the accrued
profit and interest stood at this point at over ten million United States
Dollars, this margin was not the full potential of the fund but he desired
low risk guaranteed returns on investments. In mid 2001, he asked that the
money be liquidated because he needed to make an urgent investment
requiring cash payments here in the United Kingdom. He directed that I
liquidate the funds and deposit it with a security firm. I informed him
that SMITH & WILLIAMSON would have to make special arrangements to have
this done and in order not to circumvent due process, the bank would have
to make a 9.5 %deduction from the funds to cater for banking and statutory
charges. He complained about the charges but later came around when I
explained to him the complexities of the task he was asking of us. Cash
movement across boarders has become especially strict since the incidents
of 9/11. I contacted my affiliate and made the funds available to the
security firm. I undertook all the processes and made sure I followed his
precise instructions to the letter and had the funds deposited with the
security firm. The Security Firm is a specialist private firm that accepts
deposits from high net worth individuals and blue chip corporations that
handle valuable products or undertake transactions that need immediate
access to cash. This small and highly private organization is familiar
especially to the highly placed and well-connected organizations. In line
with instructions, the money was deposited with the security firm.

The deceased told me he wanted the money there in anticipation of his
arrival from Norway later that week. This was the last communication we
had, this transpired around 25th February 2003.In June last year, we got a
call from the security firm informing us that the inactivity of that
particular portfolio. This was an astounding position as far as I was
concerned, given the fact that I managed the private banking sector I was
the only one who knew about the deposit at the security firm, and I could
not understand why the deceased had not come forward to claim his deposit.
I made futile efforts to locate the deceased. I immediately passed the
task of locating him to the internal investigations department of SMITH &
WILLIAMSON. Four days later, information started to trickle in, apparently
our client was dead. A person who suited his description was declared dead
of a heart attack in Cannes, South of France.

We were soon enough able to identify the body and cause of death was
confirmed. The bank immediately launched an investigation into possible
surviving next of kin to alert about the situation and also to come
forward to claim his estate. If you are familiar with private banking
affairs, those who patronize our services usually prefer anonymity, but
also some levels of detachment from conventional processes. In his
bio-data form, he listed no next of kin. In the field of private banking,
opening an account with us means no one will know of its existence,
accounts are rarely held under a name; depositors use numbers and codes to
make the accounts anonymous. This bank also gives the choice to depositors
of having their mail sent to them or held at the bank itself, ensuring
that there are no traces of the account and as I said, rarely do they
nominate next of kin. Private banking clients apart from not nominating
next of kin also usually in most cases leave wills in our care, in this
case; the deceased died without a testate. In line with our internal
processes for account holders who have passed away, we instituted our own
investigations in good faith to determine who should have right to claim
the estate. This investigation has for the past months been unfruitful.

We have scanned every continent and used our private investigation
affiliate companies to get to the root of the problem. It is this
investigation that resulted in my being furnished with your details as a
possible relative of the deceased. My official capacity dictates that I am
the only party to supervise the investigation and the only party to
receive the results of the investigation. What this means, you being the
last batch of names we have considered, is that our dear late fellow died
with no known or identifiable family member. This leaves me as the only
person with the full picture of what the prevailing situation is in
relation to the deposit and the late beneficiary of the deposit.

According to practice, The Security Firm will by the end of this financial
year broadcast a request for statements of claim to SMITH & WILLIAMSON,
failing to receive viable claims they will most probably revert the
deposit back to SMITH & WILLIAMSON. This will result in the money entering
the SMITH &WILLIAMSON accounting system and the portfolio will be out of
my hands and out of the private banking division. This will not happen if
I have my way. What I wish to relate to you will smack of unethical
practice but I want you to understand something. It is only an outsider to
the banking world who finds the internal politics of the banking world
aberrational. The world of private banking especially is fraught with huge
rewards for those who occupy certain offices and oversee certain
portfolios. You should have begun by now to put together the general
direction of what I propose. There is Thirty million dollars deposited in
a security firm, I alone have the deposit details and they will release
the deposit to no one unless I instruct them to do so. I alone know of the
existence of this deposit for as far as SMITH & WILLIAMSON is concerned,
the transaction with our late customer concluded when I sent the funds to
the security firm, all outstanding interactions in relation to the file
are just customer services and due process. The security Firm has no
single idea of what's the history or nature of the deposit. They are
simply awaiting instructions to release the deposit to any party that
comes forward. This is the situation. This bank has spent great amounts of
money trying to track this mans family; they have investigated for months
and have found no family.

The investigation has come to an end. My proposal; you share the same
surname with our late client; I am prepared to place you in a position to
instruct the security Firm to release the deposit to you as the closest
surviving relation. Upon receipt of the deposit, I am prepared to share
the money with you in half. That is: I will simply nominate you as the
next of kin and have them release the deposit to you. We share the
proceeds 50/50.I would have gone ahead to ask the funds be released to me,
but that would have drawn a straight line to me and my involvement in
claiming the deposit. But on the other hand, you with the same very name
as the original depositor would easily pass as the beneficiary with right
to claim. I assure you that I could have the deposit released to you
within a few days. I will simply inform the bank of the final closing of
the file relating to the deceased I will then officially communicate with
The Security Firm and instruct them to release the deposit to you. With
these two things: all is done.

The alternative would be for us to have The Security Firm direct the funds
to another bank with you as account holder. This way there will be no need
for you to think of receiving the money from The Security Company. We can
fine-tune this based on our interactions. I am aware of the consequences
of this proposal. I ask that if you find no interest in this project that
you should discard this mail. I ask that you do not be vindictive and
destructive. If my offer is of no appeal to you, delete this message and
forget I ever contacted you. Do not destroy my career because you do not
approve of my proposal. You may not know this but people like my self who
have made tidy sums out of comparable situations run the whole private
banking sector. I am not a criminal and what I do, I do not find against
good conscience, this may be hard for you to understand, but the dynamics
of my industry dictates that I make this move. Such opportunities only
come ones' way once in a lifetime. I cannot let this chance pass me by,
for once I find myself in total control of my destiny. These chances won't
pass me by. I ask that you do not destroy my chance, if you will not work
with me let me know and let me move on with my life but do not destroy me.
I am a family man and this is an opportunity to provide them with new
opportunities. There is a reward for this project and it is a task well
worth undertaking.

I have evaluated the risks and the only risk I have here is from you
refusing to work with me and alerting my bank. I am the only one who knows
of this situation, good fortune has blessed you with a name that has
planted you into the center of relevance in my life. Let's share the
blessing. If you find yourself able to work with me, contact me through
this email account: if you give me positive signals,
I will initiate this process towards a conclusion. I wish to inform you
that should you contact me via official channels; I will deny knowing you
and about this project. I repeat, I do not want you contacting me through
my official phone lines nor do I want you contacting me through my
official email account. Contact me only through the numbers I will provide
for you and also through this email address. I do not want any direct link
between you and me. My official lines are not secure lines as they are
periodically monitored to assess our level of customer care in line with
our Total Quality Management Policy. Please observe this instruction
religiously. Please, again, note I am a family man; I have a wife and
children. I send you this mail not without a measure of fear as to what
the consequences, but I know within me that nothing ventured is nothing
gained and that success and riches never come easy or on a platter of
gold. This is the one truth I have learned from my private banking
clients. Do not betray my confidence. Kindly send your response to my
private email address:

I await your response.

David Palmer

Mrs. Sarah Welsh. (Benefactor

From: Mrs. Sarah Welsh -

Dear Friend,
I am Mrs. Sarah Welsh, an English woman who is suffering from suffering from long time cancer of the breast. I am married to Sir Jim Welsh who also is an English man though dead now. My husband worked with the Nigeria Railways for over two decade before the cold hand of death took him away on the 23rd of July 2003 at about 2:00 AM. Our marriage lasted for over a decade without any fruit of the Womb. My husband died after a protracted illness. My husband and I made a vow to uplift the down-trodden and the Less-privileged individuals within the United Kingdom, Europe, North and South America, Africa and the rest of the globe as he had passion for persons who cannot help themselves due to physical disability or financial predicament. I can adduce this to the fact that he needed a child from this relationship, which never came.
When my late husband was alive he deposited the sum of US$10,000,000.00 (Ten Million US Dollars) with a bank in Nigeria. Presently, this money is still with the bank. Recently, my doctor told me that I have a limited or numbered days on earth and that my life Span will not exceed 150 days due to the cancerous problems I am suffering from. Though what bothers me most is the stroke that I have in addition to the cancer. With this hard reality that has befallen my family, and me I have decided to donate this fund to a non-governmental, or a non-religious, and or a non-profit organization or better still an Individual that will utilize this money the way I am going to instruct here in.
This gift, which comes from my husbands sweat to fund the upkeep of widows, widowers, orphans, destitute, the downtrodden, physically challenged children, barren-women and persons who prove to be genuinely handicapped financially. It is often said that blessed is the hand that giveth. I took this decision because I do not have any child that will inherit this money and my husband relatives are bourgeois and very wealthy persons and I do not want my husband Jim Welsh hard earned money to be misused or invested into ill perceived ventures. I do not want a situation where this money will be used in an ungodly manner, hence the reason for taking this bold decision. I am not afraid of death hence I know where I am going.
I know that I am going to be with the Almighty when I eventually pass on. The Almighty will fight my case and I shall hold my peace. I do not need any telephone communication in this regard due to my deteriorating health and because of the presence of my husband relatives around me. I do not want them to know about this development. With God all things are possible. As soon as I receive your reply I shall give you the contact of the bank in Nigeria. I will also issue you a Letter of Authority that will empower you as the original beneficiary of this fund. My happiness is that I lived a life worthy of emulation.
Please always be prayerful all through your life. Any delay in your reply will give me room in sourcing for a non-governmental, or a non-religious, and or a non-profit organization or better still an individual for this same purpose. Please assure me that you will act just as I have stated herein.
Hope to hear from you soon and God bless you and members of your family.
Best Regards,
Mrs. Sarah Welsh. (Benefactor)

Charity Home Request

From: Natalia Slesareva -

Charity Home Request

Please take your time to understand the content of this mail. It is not a business proposal. Please don't ask why I chose you. I wished not to bother you on this issue. But because it became of no other alternative than to contact you, and I just feel you are in position to have compassion on the needy.

Have you ever asked yourself what you can do to bring smiles to the faces of the less privileged? I want you to sit back and think, with the feeling of love. Who is this? You may ask. I am Natalia Slesareva a close relation of the Slesarev.

Alexander Slesarev was embroiled in a scandal after the bank he owned, Sodbiznessbank collapsed and triggered financial crisis. He knew that he might not survive the murky underworld of Russian finance. The money in question was stashed away for the upkeep of his daughter Elizaveta Slesarev incase anything should happen to him in the United Kingdom where she schooled, she was 15years old.

The Slesarevas were on their way to monastery outside Moscow last year when gunmen opened fire on the family car killing all. Elizaveta , her mum and Dad Alexander Slesarev did not make it. Please feel free to visit the link

Alexander Slesarev, before his death had always been on tour round the world with the aim of reaching out to many charity homes and making contributions. This, he believed, was his only way of reaching the poor. . Based on this, Alexander Slesarev usually made deposits with security companies, which assisted in moving the fund to their final destination, especially to some Islamic states where Christianity is suppressed.. One of his major objectives was to ultimately, bring smile to the deprived.

At his death he left about two deposits in some security companies. Just two weeks ago, I got a letter from one of the security companies, asking me to come forward as the next-of-kin to claim the money, £17.3million, after they have waited for long.

My predicament now is my failing health. My doctor has diagnosed me of lung cancer, and has concluded that in less than three months from now I would be dead. This, I do not want to make public; hence I have kept it from the press. What use have I for the money now? I do not have any child and I cannot will the money to my other relatives, because the purpose for this money was for charity. Moreover, this money is not personal, but for the promotion of charity. The only thing that would give me joy and peaceful rest in my grave would be the fulfillment of my husband's objective, by passing this money on to charity, and rest happily in the bosom of the Lord.

I am therefore asking you to assist with this objective, as a humanitarian contribution. I want you to claim this money and pass it on to any charity organization or orphanage in your country. If only I have a child, I would not need to bother you; I would be confident that my child would fulfill this objective if I pass on. I want to be remembered even after my death.

On your consent, I would give you a written authority to claim this fund from the security company so that you can give it to any charity home or orphanage of your choice, with evidence of transfer to the charity home. At this point I want to state very clearly that this is not a profit-making venture, and as such does not require you asking for compensation. But for your time and effort you will be compensated. I will part with only 5% of the money to you as compensation. However, if you feel that this 5% is too small for your effort, please feel free to express your point, or alternatively you may not bother to reply to this mail. Or if you don't know of any charity home to give the money to, don't bother to reply to this mail. However, if you can take the pain to look for one, I would be very happy to have your reply. I want you to see your assistance as humanitarian. If you are okay with the condition, let me know, so that I can instruct my lawyer to forward to you the pa
rticulars of this deposit, the letter from the finance-security company, and a letter of authority that will empower you to claim the fund.

While believing that you have taken time to read this mail and the content is well understood, I look forward to having you be of a great assistance to the needy and the less privilege. Lastly, I implore you not to make this request of mine public, as I do not want my loved ones to know of my health predicament. I believe, you know what pains it would cause them. Neither do I want the press running after me. Thank you and God bless.

Yours faithfully

Natalia Slesareva

Dearest One

From: luice issa -

Good Day,
With warm hearts I offer my friendship, and my greetings, and I hope this letter meets you in good time. It will be surprising to you to receive this proposal from me since you do not know me personally.
However, I am sincerely seeking your confidence in this transaction, which I propose with my free mind
and as a person of integrity.

My name is Miss Luice, the Daugther of Mr.and Mrs A. Issa Muhammed, a farmer from Zimbabwe, murdered in the land dispute in my country. As led by my instinct, I decided to contact you through email, as it is the only means I can contact anybody since I am cutting off ties with Zimbabwe for now. I apologize if this is not acceptable to you.

The purpose of this letter is to seek your most needed assistance in a business venture. Due to the land and political problems in Zimbabwe, as a result of President Robert Mugabe's introduction of new Land Act Reform wholly affecting the rich white farmers and the few rich black farmers. Actually all white farmers were asked to surrender their farms to the government for re-distribution and infact to his political party members and my father though black was the treasury of
the farmers association and a strong member of an opposition party that did not support the president's idea.

Thereafter he then ordered his party members and the police under his pay row to invade my father's farm
and burn down everything in the farm. They killed my father and took away a lot of items from his farm.
After the death of my father, our local pastor and a close friend of my father handed us over his will documents with instructions from my father that we should leave Zimbabwe incase anything happen to him, confirming a cash deposit totaling Fifteen million five hundred thousand united state dollars. [15.5m] Kept in custody for us in a security company unknown to the company that the content is money hence it was deposited as personal belongings. This money was deposited with this Private Security Company for safety and security reasons, and was to be used for the purchase of land, new machines and chemicals establishment of new farms in Botswana.

This violent and barbaric act by Mugabe has since led to the death of my beloved mother and kid sister and other innocent lives. I was continually threatened to abandon my inheritance from my father after he was murdered. I resisted for a while, but when the danger became unbearable, and I survived two murder attempts,
I fled Zimbabwe with the help of my father's close friend Mr. John Casahans from Australia also a farmer who was leaving in Zimbabwe with us but left with his family following this ugly development I have tried to reach him but all to no avail. I am currently staying in the Ivory Coast in west africa where I am seeking political asylum.

Therefore I need to you to help me claim this consignment and invest part of the money. Since the law of Ivory Coast prohibits a refugee (asylum seeker) to open any bank account or to be involved in any financial transaction, this is why I am seeking a
genuine and reliable partner, whose account this money can be transferred, hence this proposal to you.

You have to understand that this decision taken by me is a very big and brave one, and it entrusts my future in your hands, as a result of the safe keeping of this money. If you accept to assist me, all I want you to do for me, is to assist with arrangements to claim the deposit from the private security company's office in (EUROPE)

Please, I want you to maintain absolute secrecy for the purpose of this transaction. I look forward to your reply and co-operation, and I thank you in advance as I anticipate your co-operation.
Sincerely Yours,

Luice Issa

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Good Day

From: Kelvin cox -

>From Kelvin Cox

I have the courage to look for a reliable and honest person who will be
capable for this important business transaction, believing that you will
never let me down either now or in future. The owner of this account was a
manager of petrol chemical service here in London,a chemical engineer by
profession and he died since 2002. The account has no other beneficiary and
my investigation proved to me as well that his company does not know
anything about this account and the amount involved is Ten million, five
hundred thousand pounds sterling (10,500,000.00 POUNDS).

I want to transfer this money into a safe account, but i don't know any
person which i will do this with, i know that this message will come to you
as a surprise as we don't know our self before, but be sure that it is real
and a genuine business.

I am contacting you for two reasons, Firstly because you bear the same last
name which makes this claim possible and secondly with my involvement as a
staff of the bank, this process will be much easy with me here to guide you.
I am believe in that you will never let me down in this transaction.

Hope to hear from you soon after which futher information will be given to
you on how best to commence this process.
conviniently get back to me


Kelvin Cox

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