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Thursday, June 07, 2007

I look forward to hearing from you

From: Margaret Johnson -

Dear,How are you and the daily activities including yourfamily? Hope everybody is fine. Though we've not metbefore,my name is Ms Margaret Johnson I got yourcontact through the Accra chamber of commerce here inAccra Ghana. I am a citizen of Sierra Leone,the Daughter of theMinister of Mines and Energy who was killed during theSierra Leonean war by the rebels. My father died andleft behind physical cash of $13.5 Million USD which hesafely kept in a Security Finance Company during hisregime in the office. I want to invest this money inany profitable business of your choice in yourcountry. I am hereby soliciting your assistance to bemy foreign partner because I've not been toEurope/U.S. before in my life. So I don't want to makeany costly mistake that will make me lose my money.You will be entitled to 10% of the total sum for yourassistance.All I want is for you to receive the money and sendinvitation letter for me to join you. Your urgentreply will enable me to arrange with the SecurityFinance Company to move this money through theirspecial Diplomatic Courier Services to your country.For you to claim it till I will meet you up in yourcountry for my investment. All the necessary documentsof deposit from the Security Company are with me. Inyour reply, please include your private telephone andfax numbers.Thanks for your co-operation.My best Regards,Ms Margaret Johnson.
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