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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Good News [Reply Now

From: mc cole -

Thanks for giving me your time.I am Dr.Mark Coleman, a consulting auditor
attached with the private Banking Services here in London.I contacted you
independently of our internal audit investigation and no one is informed of
this communication and I would like to intimate you with certain facts that
I believe would be of interest to you.

I am contacting you concerning a customer of the bank who had an investment
placed under the banks management 5 years ago. On May 22,2001, a british
accountant/consultant on Oil matters with Sasol Petroleum
International(PTY)Limited,of South Africa, Mr.Robert J.Gerlich 56,made an
investment deposit valued at 14.2 Million Pounds in a bank here in
London, which he wished to have us turn over on his behalf.

I was the officer assigned to his case;I made numerous suggestions in line
with my duties as the de-facto chief operations officer and a consulting
auditor of the Private Banking Services Department, especially given the
volume of funds he wished to put into our bank. We met on numerous occasions
prior to any investments being placed. I encouraged him to consider various
growth funds with prime ratings.The favoured route in my advice to customers
is to start by assessing data on 600 traditional stocks and bonds managers
and alternative investments. Based on my advice,we spun the money around
various opportunities and made attractive margins for our first months of
operation,the accrued profit and interest stood at this point at over 16.4
Million Pounds,this margin was not the full potential of the fund but he
desired low risk guaranteed returns on investments.

In August 2001,he asked that the money be liquidated because he needed to
make an urgent investment requiring cash payments in Europe.He directed that
I liquidate the funds and had it deposited with HANDELSBANKEN,a top Swedish
bank.I informed him that our bank would have to make special arrangements to
have this done and in order not to circumvent due process, the bank would
have to make a 9.5% deduction from the funds to cater for banking and
statutory charges.He complained about the charges but later came around when
I explained to him the complexities of the task he was asking of us.I
contacted my affiliate in Sweden, however,the exercise was not carried out
due to the complex nature of the task and having been instructed again to
stop further proccedings,in line with his instructions the transfer was
stopped.He told me he would use the money thereafter upon his arrival from
America later that week. This was the last communication we had,this
transpired around 10th September 2001, Four days later, information started
to trickle in,that he was among victims of the 9/11 World Trade Center

On hearing about this information,the bank immediately launched an
investigation into possible surviving next of kin to alert about the
situation and also to come forward to claim his deposit.In his bio-data
form,he listed no next of kin.In the field of private banking, opening an
account means no one will know of its existence, accounts are rarely held
under a name; depositors use numbers and codes to make the accounts
anonymous. As things stands now,there is 18.5 Million Pounds as value for
his investment.The bank has no single idea of what's the history or nature
of the deposit.They are simply awaiting instructions to release the deposit
to any party that comes forward. This is the situation.This bank has spent
great amounts of money trying to track this man's family;they have
investigated for months and have found no known relative.The investigation
has already come to an end.

I am prepared to place you in a position and instruct the bank to release
the deposit to you as the closest surviving relation.Upon receipt of the
deposit,I am prepared to share the money with you and no more.That is,we
share the proceeds 65% for me and 35% for you. We can fine-tune this based
on our interactions and with my position in the bank,we can get things done
in a smooth way.There is a reward for this project and it is a task well
worth undertaking.I have evaluated the risks and the only risk I have here
is from you refusing to work with me and alerting the bank.

I send you this mail not without a measure of fear as to what the
consequences might be,but I know within me that nothing ventured is nothing
gained and that success and riches never come easy or on a platter of
gold.This is the one truth I have learned from my private banking clients.Do
not betray my confidence.If we can be of one accord,we should plan a meeting

I await your response via my Email blow.

Dr.Mark Coleman


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Treat Urgent

From: Yenawa Chambers -

Yenawa Chambers & Solicitors Estate Coneyance & Property Consultant 229 Rue De La Justices,01 Bp 2262 Cotonou Rep.Du Benin,West Africa. Telephone: 00(229) 97-577-144.
Good Day.

I am sending this proposal with a broken heart and I believe that you are going to give me a sympathetic attention. I regret the inconvenience it might cause you based on the condition that we have not met before.

I know that reading it will look like one of the letters we do receive everyday on the internet,But I so much believe that God is in total control. I am Barrister Michael Yenawa, a solicitor at law and the personal attorney to Sergio Vieira de Mello, a naturalised American but of Brazilian origin, who used to work with with the united nation office in Iraq.Hereinafter should be referred to as my client.

On the 20th of August 2003, my client and his fellow workers lost there lives when a Bomb-laden cement truck exploded beneath the window of his office in the Canal Hotel at about 4:30 p.m.[12:30 p.m. GMT; 8:30 a.m.EDT]. ( (
Unfortunately they lost their lives,and since then I have made several inquiries to your embassy here to locate any of my clients extended relatives, but this has not been successful at all.

After several attempts locate any member of his family,I then decided to seek your assistance in repatriating his fund valued at US$12.5 Million left behind by my late client before it gets confiscated or declared unserviceable by the Bank where the money was lodged.

This said Institute has given us a ultimatum to provide the next of kin or have my client's account confsicated within the next 21 official working days. Based on the note and since it has been unsuccessful for me to locate the relatives for over 3 years now.

All I require from you is your honest co-operation to enable us see this transaction through. I have all the necessary information and legal documents needed to back you up for the claims. I guarantee that this will be executed under legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach of the law.

Please get in touch with me through the above phone number or email address for more details.

Best regards, Barr.Michael Yenawa.
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biz-partnership offer

From: van mullen -

Good day,

I got your contact on my private search for a reliable and trusted person to handle a transaction of mutual benefit.

An investor (name with-held) died without leaving a next of kin to the funds he has in a finance institution that I oversee. I am seeking your permission to present you as the next of kin and have the funds released to you as his benefactor.

The total amount in question is Sixteen Million, Four Hundred and Fifty Thousand Euros (€16,450.000.00) only. 25% of this sum will be your compensation on final conclusion of this project.

I have all relevant records of my client's deposit to facilitate our claim.
Further details will be given upon receipt and affirmation of your desire to participate.

Please only contact me if you are serious and capable of executing a project of this magnitude.

Thank you.

Please send your reply to:



Greetings" a message from Christophe and Julliet Koffi.

FROM Christophe and sister(Julliet )

Dear Beloved.


I am Master Christophe Koffi from Sierra Leone. We lost our Father Paul kone
Koffi a couple of months ago. My Father was a serving director of the Cocoa
exporting abroad until his death . He was assassinated last january
09/01/2004 by the rebels following the political uprising. Before his death
he had a box deposited in a Security Company in Cote d' Ivoire. The sum of
($18.5M) U.S DOLLARS is in the box, which is for the importation of cocoa
processing machine and other equiptment. I want you to do me a favour to
receive this box to a safe place in your country or any safer place as the
plans to do investment in your country, like real estate and industrial
production. This is my reason for writing to you. Please if you are willing
to assist me indicate your interest in reply to this message.


Best regards
Christophe & sister(Julliet)


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Let me hear from you as soon as possible

From: Auditor Chris Berlamont -

>From The Desk Of Auditor Chris Berlamont.
Adress: Queens Gate House, Roundhedge Way,
Enfield, London EN2 8LD.
Occupations: Executive External Auditor.

Good day,I know this will come to you as a surprise but the need to involve a realiable and honest person. I will first introduce myself as Dr. Chris Berlamont, a staff in the Private Clients Section of a well-known bank, here in London, England.

One of our accounts, with holding balance of 26,000.000 (Twenty Six Million Pounds Sterling) has been dormant and last operated six years ago. From my investigations and confirmation, the owner of the said account, a foreigner by name John Shumejda died on the 4th of January 2002 in a plane crash in Birmingham.

Since then, nobody has done anything as regards the claiming of this money, as he has no family member that has any knowledge as to the existence of either the account or the funds; and also Information from the National Immigration also states that he was single on entry into the UK.

I have confidently discussed this issue with some of the bank officials and we have agreed to find a reliable foreign partner to deal with. We therefore propose to do business with you, standing in as the next of kin of these funds from the deceased and funds released to you after necessary processes have been followed.

This transaction is totally free of risk and troubles as the fund is legitimate and does not originate from drug, money laundry, terrorism or any other illegal act. I am desperately waiting for your urgent response.

N:B,I want you to know that this business is highly confidential as it is only between me and you,so,you should never tell anybody about this transaction until we transfer the funds to your nominated Account.I am waiting for your urgent response so that i will inform you more on what we are going to do and inherit these funds within ten Banking days.

On your interest, let me hear from you asap.

Best Regards,
Dr.Chris Berlamont.

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Kindly Reconfirm the Reciept of the Mail to me

From: Marck Walsh -

Dear Friend, I am Macrk Walsh, Solicitor locate at Johannesburg South Africa, i got your contact information from your consulate here in Johannesburg South Africa in my search of my late client relative Mr. Andreas a property magnate and building contractor based in the U.K. On the 25th of July 2000, my client Andreas , his wife and only son died in the Air France concord 990 plane crashes overHotelissimo on July 25, 2000.They were bound for New York in their plan for a world cruise. For more information about this crash and people, visit this Website: . Your surname which co-incite with my late client last name and from the same city, i guess you might be a relative to my late client . Before death he left behind US$12.5 M deposit in his investment account with a bank in London.upon his death the financial institution contacted me as his financial consultant and attorney to provide them with a next of kin since the person he
provided for them died with him in the crash leaving a vacuum to be filled. Two weeks ago, the bank adopted a resolution and I was mandated to provide his next of kin for the payment of this fund within 28 working days or forfeit the money to the bank as abandoned by the owner with no trace of next of kin.The bankers had planned to invoke the abandoned property decree of 1936 to confiscate the funds after the expiration of the period given to me.Kindly email back on the receipt this mail by indicating your private phonenumber for further briefing.Yours sincerely, Barrister Macrk Walsh

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From: -

>From The Desk of Manuel Jimeneze
General Auditor, Madrid Spain.
Private Email :(

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am Mr.Manuel Jimeneze the general auditor of a bank in spain. There is this floating funds which is to the tune of Seven Million Euros (€7,000,000.00 Euros) Which as been floating in this A/C nº 5005874BS1000 since 2000 after the death of the true owner of the funds Late Mr. John Cuthbertson, an American who was a private business man unfortunately lost his life in the plane crash of Alaska Airlines Flight 261 which crashed on January 31st 2000, including his wife and only daughter. You can read more about the crash on visiting these sites below.

I just came across his file again when I was auditing all the credit account, and I find out that nobody has ever come on behalf of the Late Mr. John Cuthbertson as his next of kin to claim the funds. And I have been monitoring this account since I discovered this information.

In this case I have concluded to contact you if you are reliable to execute this transaction with me, then I will instruct you on how to claim as the next of kin to the late Mr. John Cuthbertson, so that the funds could be transferred to your overseas A/C, if only you can co-operate with me.

After the transaction is being successful I will come to your country to collect my own share which is 55% for me and 45% for you, feel free to give your own opinion on this transaction modality if you wish. Please contact me through my private email. ( send to me the following information


I await your soonest response.

Mr.Manuel Jimeneze
General Auditor, Madrid Spain

Private Email :(

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Inf rmate en


From: Barrister philips moore -

MIME-Version: 1.0

Dear Partner,

I wish to intimate you with a request that would be of immense Benefit to both of us. Being an executor of wills, Codicil and Administration of Estate, it is possible that we may be tempted to make fortune out of our client's situations when we cannot help it, or left with no better option.

I am Barrister philips moore, The issue I presenting to you is a case of my client Mr.Pajares Luis Caceres (An Australia National) a consultant /contractor with Gulf Maritime General Trading & contracting Company) who WILLED a fortune to his next-of-kin.t was most unfortunate that he and his next-of-kin died on the same day in an auto crash of Tuesday 10 February 2004.

I am now faced with the Task of who to pass the fortune to. According to the Irish law, the fortune is supposed to be bequeathed to the Government.

However, I don't belong to that school of thought which proposes that the fortune of unlucky people be given to the Government. My client made a numbered time (Fixed) Deposit, valued at(7,500,000.00) Seven Million,
Five Hundred Thousand Pounds Sterling's only, for twelve (12) calendar months with Ulster Bank Ltd, Ballincollig Cork, Ireland. Upon maturity, the bank sent a routine notification to his forwarding address but got
no reply.

This prompted my legal duties among others to inform Ulster Bank Ltd of his sudden death and to present his Next of Kin to claim Mr.Pajares Luis Caceres total estate.

This sum of 7,500,000.00 Seven Million, Five Hundred Thousand Pounds Sterling's is in the Bank right now and the interest is being rolled over with the principal sum at the end of each year. No one will ever come forward to claim it.

In accordance with the Irish Law, at the expiration of 4 (four) years, the money will revert to the ownership of the Irish Government, if nobody applies as the Next of kin to Claim the fund. Consequently, I shall present you to stand inas the next of kin to my Late Client so that you and I can benefit from the fruits of this old man's labour to enhancHumanitarian Organization World wide.

For now, I alone know about his last will/Testament, as my client has great confident in me. Everything will be left between you and I. The share would be 50% for you and 50% for me. All I have to Do is to amend
the Last will/Testament of my client to make you thebeneficiary (next of Kin) to the claim of the Seven Million, Five Hundred Thousand Pounds Sterling's only legally.

As I am not very sure of getting your consent on the issue, I prefer not to divulge my full identity so as not to risk being disbarred.The Irish Bar considers it a breach of the oath of the Irish Bar.I need not emphasize to you that the sensitivity of this issue need not be toyed
with by neglecting its confidentiality.

Due to the risk involve and also the activities of fraudsters now rampant on the Internet, and until I amsure of your consent, full co-operation and genuine willingness to assist me for our mutual benefit, I would prefer that we maintain correspondence by email.

Upon acceptance, I shall send to you a copy of the probate and Inheritance return information form and the Detailed Information on how this business would be successfully transacted.At this point I want to assure you that your true consent, full co-operation and confidentiality are all that are required for us to take full advantage of this great opportunity.

Do send your full names, address, and Private telephone & fax numbers for easy communication. You should send your reply to me I look forward to hear from you soon.

Yours truly,

Barrister philips moore



Dear sir,

This information i want to relate to you is very confidential.I am one of the managing director of a bank in MALAYSIA, name witheld for the moment. I stumbled into this account that belongs to the former Chilean dictator, the person of AUGUSTO PINOCHET who ruled Chile from 1973 to 1990.He just died from heart attack as a regards of the information he got that he will be trial no matter his age for his autrosities he comitted in his regime where hundreds thousands of people died. He is 91yrs old.

I am very happy that he died finally and also will be glad to seize the opportunity to claim $18.7m doller . This fund in my possession but need a second party because i work in this bank to avoid my colleagues raising an eye brow on me. I will give you the contacts of the DIRECTORS who you will do this TRANSFER but you will tell them that you Received email from Mrs Veronic
Alakiss i am the one that give you there contact.

If you can transact this project with me, i will give you the full details/information as regrds to this project on the way forward.

Thanks and expecting your reply.

yours sincerely,
Mrs Veronic Alakiss

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Can you work it out with me

From: Bujuburam Refugee Camp,Accra-Ghana -

I know this is not the right place for me to contact you on business such
as this but due to the condition I found myself now.

I'm Angelo Sukeem son to late Dr. Arnoldoa Sukeem a former president
Zimbabwe Farmers Association in Zimbabwe, MeKUto Town Community Leader
(Traditional Chief)and also C.E.O Sukeem Group of Companies Harare before
he was killed by Government Soldiers after he was wrongfully accused of
financially supporting the Movement for Democratic Change (M.D.C) Party of
which the M.D.C party Chairman Morgan Tsvangirai happen to be a cousin to
my father.

However, before the death of my father, he deposited US$130.5m
with a Financial Institution. He actually made me his next of kin. Since
am yet to attain the 27 years age which is the age limit for me to take
full control and execute the Will, I deem it necessary to contact you if
you can be a BENEFICIARY nominated to help clear the cash from the
Financial Institution .

Presently, I'm Ghana seeking refugee status after the death of my father
all of his properties were seized and account frozen and also twice my
life was in danger. If you are willing to assist, kindly mail me back
immediately. Upon your response I will proceed forward.
Waiting for your response. You can reply me through this email

Angelo Sukeem
+233 24 3935003