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Sunday, January 21, 2007


From: -

Hello Friend,
How you and your family are hope things are fine?Well I give God Almighty his adorations. I am David Akamba from Liberia my father is the ownerOf diamond mini co-operation in Liberia. As a result of this, He was murdered in a cool blood by the rebel in my countryBecause of the political unrest in my country. It was one afternoon my mother just return from theMarket, by then they just came like visitor who want to discuss business with my father, so me and my mother left the general parlor went up stare, unfortunate his gun shut we heard in our parlor, before me and my mother get there my father his died. Before that time my father dug 100kilo of gold dust with physical cash of $30million us dollar in a forest near our home, after sometime my mother showed me were my father dug the money and the gold. For some period of time me and my mother his suggesting what we are going to do with the money, so my mother decided to send me to American, my mother start to sick, so I decide
to go were my father dug the money, in the ground and take some from in side to take my mother to clinic, unfortunate, the money stain with dust base on long time in the ground, in that process my mother died. So I decided to leave Liberia to Ghana because I have know hope, except the fund my late father died left. Presently what I want from you now is for you to stand trustfully and God fear person to me and you not regret it, because the gold don’t have a document and the gold is with me as am talking to you, were I leave in Ghana, the problem the gold don’t have document and if you can help me I will give 15% to you and each kilo is $8,000 us dollar, as a quick respond that I need money to clean the dust from the money I can give the gold out for $7,000 us dollar. For more information you can reach me with my private number 00233242934081and I also need you full information too. Go bless you. Hope to hear from you soonest and keep on email me for corresponding, throu
gh this email
David Akamba

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Dearest In Christ

From: JOSEPH -

Dearest In Christ,

It is with Heavy Heart i am reaching you regarding the death of my late client. I am Barrister JOSEPH YOUNG, the legal adviser to late MR. MIKE & CAROL HALL,
a very Wealthy Couple that lived here in the United Kingdom, before their Death on the 26th of December 2004 during the Tsunami disaster.These couple served God as very dedicated Christians,they so dedicated their life to God but they had no child till they died. They acquired a lot of landed properties like lands, Stocks/Bond,house properties, etc. As their legal adviser, before their death, the husband Mr. Mike & Carol Hall instructed me to write his WILL because they had no child, they dedicated their wealth to God.

According to the WILL, their assets should be given out to a ministry for the work of God. As their legal adviser, all the documents for the assets that are deposited with the security company are in my care. He gave me the authority to give out the funds to the Ministries for the work of God.

As instructed by MR. MIKE HALL before his death. As a matter of fact the total amount of money that is contained in the two trunk Boxes is $10,000,000.00 ,They did not want the management of the Security Company to know the content of the consignments, therefore they registered the content of the consignments as Gold Bars. Now, the security company believes that what They deposited with them were Gold Bars.

As a born again Christian,I have been reading my bible and I have to do what is lawful and right in the sight of God by giving out the fund to the chosen ministry for the purpose of God\'s work as instructed by the owner before his death.After my fasting and prayers Today, I asked God to make his choice and direct me to an honest Christian or the chosen ministry that deserves this fund by his Grace. I then came across your address on the Internet as I was browsing through a Christian site.I appeal to you for the fund to be used wisely for things that will glorify the name of God. I have just notified the Security Company where they deposited the consignments that contained the fund, that I am moving the consignment abroad, and the security company is awaiting my authority to move the consignment out of the shores of my country.

Dear child of zion, if you know that you will use this fund honestly and wisely for things that will glorify God\'s name, then do contact me with the above mentioned information via my home email(

prompt response will be highly appreciated.

Yours in Christ.


Wang Qin

From: Wang Qin -

I am Mr.Wang Qin director of operations of the Hang Seng Bank Ltd
Hong Kong. I have a obscured business suggestion for you. Before the
U.S and Iraqi war our client Major Fadi Basem who was with the Iraqi
forces and also business man made a numbered fixed deposit for 18
calendar months, with a value of Twelve Million Five Hundred Thousand
United State Dollars only in my branch. Upon maturity several notice
was sent to him, even during the war early last year. Again after the
war another notification was sent and still no response came from him.
We later found out that the Major and his family had been killed
the war in bomb blast that hit their home. After further investigation
it was also discovered that Major Fadi Basem did not declare any next
of kin in his official papers including the paper work of his bank
And he also confided in me the last time he was at my office that no
one except me knew of his deposit in my bank. Against this backdrop, my
suggestion to you is that I will like you as a foreigner to stand as
the next of kin to Major Fadi Basem so that you will be able to
receive his funds. I want you to know that I have had everything
planned out so that we shall come out successful. I have contacted an
attorney that will prepare the necessary document that will back you up
as the
next of kin to Major Fadi Basem.
Once the funds have been transferred to your nominated bank account we
it in the ratio 50% for me, 45% for you and 5% for any expenses
incurred during the transaction.

Your earliest response to this letter will be appreciated.

Thanks and regards.
Mr. Wang Qin.
Hang Seng Bank Ltd.
Honk Kong.Tel/Fax: 0085-230-101-112


From: marlickadward -

Dear Good Friend


My name is Dr Marlick Adward, am the branch and computer manager here in our bank.I have only written to seek your indulgence and assistance. I wish to make a transfer involving a huge.

amount of base £15,000,000.00 {Fifteen Million B.Pounds Sterlings}of Late Mr Mark Smith out of the bank,he died since 1995,till now the account remains dormat.I am proposing to make this transfer to a designated bank account of your choice. Thus, for your indulgence and support, I propose an offer of 20% of the total amount to be yours after the transfer has been successfully concluded.Your full name and.

phone number/fax is need in the first place.
Kindly reply me stating your interest, and I shall furnish you with the details and necessary proceedures with which to make the transfer progress.

yourself.I will send you all the document you may need for the transaction when i received your reply.
so try to reply to this my privet email (

Yours faithfully,
Dr, Marlick Adward.

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From:Evangelist Lindy Mike(Widow

From: -

From:Evangelist Lindy Mike(Widow).

Calvary greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, I am Evangelist Lindy Mike, The daughter of Late Sherrif Kindimbu from Weste Africa Nigeria.I am 34years old,my mother is From England,while my father is from Nigeria,i am an halfcast (White Girl) i was married to Late John Mike from England, i am now a new christian convert,suffering from long time concer problem.

>From all indications, my condition is serious and according to my late husband doctor it is quite obvious that i may not survive the sickness,as a christian,i beleived God and i know that i will not die,i will leave to declare the glory of God, My late Husband Mr.John Mike is From England,he and my only son was killed by his family members,because he does not agree with them, i am presently leaving alone.Our Lord Jesus Christ is my comforter.

Before the death of my husband,he told me on his sick bed that he deposited some money with the United Bank for Africa plc(UBA) in Nigeria, the sum of Fifteen Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars (Usd$15.5M).After disclosing this secret to me,he gave me the Documents he used in Depositing the fund called Certificate of Deposit,he never wanted to tell me about it until the present moment that he was about to die,he told me that his reason for telling me about this fund secretly is because after his death that he knows his family will not allow me to inherit any of his wealth or property.

He told me that Nigerian Government will not allow me to make this claim since i am a citizen of Nigeria,my husband told me that i can only get the fund claimed through the help of a foreigner like you,and that was exactly what happened,I made up my mind to travel abroad to leave the rest of my life and continue to do the work of God as a missionary,I called my late husband lawyer to find out if the fund is still in contact in that bank, to enable me raise some money to continue my mission,to my greatest surprise it was still in contact.

Presently,all the Documents concerning the FUND are with me, now that my sickness has gone to this stage,I am scared and I want the fund to be used for the work of God all over the world,i have prayed and told God to direct me to an honest christian who will receive this fund and utilise it together with me and for things that will glorify the name of God,after my prayers,I decided to contacted you alone my beloved in Christ.

Please I will appreciate that you send the following information to enable my late Husband Lawyer commence with the procuring of the necessary document that will back you up as next of kin to my late Husband for immediate arrangement with the UNITED BANK FOR AFRICA UBA Plc on how the Fund Fifteen Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars (Usd$15.5M) will be claimed by you on my Late Husbands Behalf as his Next of Kin and New Beneficiary.

1. your full name.
2. Your contact address.
3. Your telephone/fax numbers for prompt communication.

I await to here your urgent reply.

Thanks and God bless you.

Evangelist Lindy Mike(Widow).

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I am David Palmer, staff of SMITH & WILLIAMSON Private Banking.

I am contacting you concerning a deceased customer and an investment he placed
under our banks management three years ago.I would respectfully request that
you keep the contents of this mail confidential and respect the integrity of
the information you come by as a result of this mail.

I contacted you independently of our investigation and no one is informed of
this communication. I would like to intimate you with certain facts that I
believe would be of interest to you.In 2000, the subject matter; came to our
bank to engage in business discussions with our private banking division. He
informed us that he had a financial portfolio of Thirty million united states
dollars,which he wished to have us turn over (invest) on his behalf.I was the
officer assigned to his case, I made numerous suggestions in line with my
duties as the de-facto chief operations officer of the private banking sector,
especially given the volume of funds he wished to put into our bank. We met on
numerous occasions prior to any investments being placed. I encouraged him to
consider various rowth funds with prime ratings.

The favored route in my advise to customers is to start by assessing data on
6000 traditional stocks and bond managers and 2000 managers of alternative
investments. Based on my advice, We spun the money around various
and made attractive margins for our first months of operation, the accrued
profit and interest stood at this point at over ten million United States
Dollars, this margin was not the full potential of the fund but he desired low
risk guaranteed returns on investments.

This bank also gives the choice to depositors of having their mail
sent to them
or held at the bank itself, ensuring that there are no traces of the account
and as I said, rarely do they nominate next of kin. Private banking clients
apart from not nominating next of kin also usually in most cases leave
wills in
our care, in this case; the deceased died without a testate. In line with our
internal processes for account holders who have passed away, we instituted our
own investigations in good faith to determine who should have right to claim
the estate. This investigation has for the past months been unfruitful.We have
scanned every continent and used our private investigation affiliate companies
to get to the root of the problem. It is this investigation that
resulted in my
being furnished with your details as a possible relative of the deceased. My
official capacity dictates that I am the only party to supervise the
investigation and the only party to receive the results of the investigation.
What this means, you being the last batch of names we have considered, is that
our dear late fellow died with no known or identifiable family member. This
leaves me as the only person with the full picture of what the prevailing
situation is in relation to the deposit and the late beneficiary of the
deposit. According to practice, The Security Firm will by the end of this
financial year broadcast a request for statements of claim to SMITH &
WILLIAMSON,failing to receive viable claims they will most probably revert the
deposit back to SMITH & WILLIAMSON.This will result in the money entering the
SMITH & WILLIAMSON accounting system and the portfolio will be out of my hands
and out of the private banking division. This will not happen if I
have my way.

My proposal; you share the same surname With our late client; I am prepared to
place you in a position to instruct The security Firm to release the
deposit to
you as the closest surviving relation.Upon receipt of the deposit,I am
to share the money with you in half. That is: I will simply nominate
you as the
next of kin and have them release the deposit to you. We share the proceeds
50/50.I would have gone ahead to ask the funds be released to me,
butthat would
have drawn a straight line to me and my involvement in claiming the deposit.
But on the other hand, you with the same very name as the original depositor
would easily pass as the beneficiary with right to claim. I assure you that I
could have the deposit released to you within a few days. I will simply inform
the bank of the final closing of the file relating to the deceased I will then
officially communicate with The Security Firm and instruct them to release the
deposit to you. With these two things: all is done. The alternative would be
for us to have The Security Firm direct the funds to another bank with you as
account holder. This way there will be no need for you to think of receiving
the money from The Security Company. We can fine-tune this based on our
interactions. I am aware of the consequences of this proposal. I ask that if
you find no interest in this project that you should discard this mail. I ask
that you do not be vindictive and destructive. If my offer is of no appeal to
you,delete this message and forget I ever contacted you. Do not destroy my
career because you do not approve of my proposal. You may not know this but
people like myself who have made tidy sums out of comparable situations run
the whole private banking sector.

I am not a criminal and what I do, I do not find against good conscience, this
may be hard for you to understand, but the dynamics of my industry dictates
that I make this move. Such opportunities only come ones' way once in a
lifetime. I cannot let this chance pass me by, for once I find myself in total
control of my destiny. These chances wont pass me by. I ask that you do not
destroy my chance, if you will not work with me let me know and let me move on
with my life but do not destroy me. I am a family man and this is an
opportunity to provide them with new opportunities.There is a reward for this
project and it is a task well worth undertaking. I have evaluated the
risks and
the only risk I have here is from you refusing to work with me and alerting my
bank. I am the only one who knows of this situation, good fortune has blessed
you with a name that has planted you into the center of relevance in my
life.Lets share the blessing.If you find yourself able to work with
me, contact
me through this email account If you give me
positive signals, I will initiate this process towards a conclusion. I wish to
inform you that should you contact me via official channels;I will
deny knowing
you and about this project. I repeat, I do not want you contacting me through
my official phone lines nor do I want you contacting me through my official
email account. Contact me only through the numbers I will provide for you and
also through this email address. I do not want any direct link between you and
me. My official lines are not secure lines as they are periodically monitored
to assess our level of customer care in line with our Total Quality Management
Policy.Please observe this instruction religiously.

Please,again, note I am a family man, I have a wife and children. I send you
this mail not without a measure of fear as to what the consequences,
but I know
within me that nothing ventured is nothing gained and that success and riches
never come easy or on a platter of gold. This is the one truth I have learnd
from my private banking clients. Do not betray my confidence.Kindly send your
response to my private email address

I await your response.

From Desk Of The President

From: -

>From Desk Of The President
Going by series of petitions
received from International Body on the way your inheritance/contract fund was handled by our correspondence office and after Extentive close door meeting with Board of Directors and other Stake holders in the
Government, Subcommittees of the National Assembly
of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
It was Resolved and Agreed upon that
your Heritance/contract Fund would be released on a special method of payment , which is tagged SWIFT CREDIT CARD.This method of
payment is designed by the Government to avert fraud
perpetration or stoppage of fund by Some Agencies.Either Through
Anti Terrorist Certificate or other certificates.This Swift
Credit Card would be issued to you upon meeting with the Bank
Requirements.This office, has Been Mandated to take charge of the
Issuance of the SWIFT CREDIT CARD .And that your inheritance
payment file should be passed to my desk for clarification .Upon
Certification that your file is ok.This Office would Direct you on
how to receive your over Due inheritance/contract fund via SWIFT CREDIT CARD.The SWIFT CREDIT CARD would be delivered to you via Courier. In the light of this aforementioned, You are required to furnish this office with the following information:
Your Name: Address. Madian
Name Your Next of Kin
and your date of Birth.Your telephone
number and fax.
This Information would be used in openning of an
account here .It's from here that the ATM would be used in
issuance of The SWIFT CREDIT CARD in your favour with the Credit
card Number and all your information inserted into the card. Upon
completion of this issuance of the Credit Card,It would be sent to
you via Courier to your residential Address.
Urgently furnish this office with your Contact information inorder to reconfirm if it's in line with the one contained in our payment data.
Be informed that your fund has been called back and it's now in a suspence Account here in Our Bank. A new Account has to be opened in your Name Before The Swift Credit Card is issued.
Waiting for an urgent response.
Yours Faithfully,
DR.william colgate
Reply Email:

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RE: IMMEDIATE PAYMENT OF YOUR CONTRACT INHERITANCE ON CONTRACT #:MAV/NNPC/FGN/MIN/009.From the records of outstanding contractors due for payment with the Government of Nigeria. Your name and company was discovered as next on the list of the outstanding contractors who have not received their payments. I wish to inform you that your payment is being processed and will be released to you as soon as you respond to this letter. Also note that from the record in my file, your outstanding contract payment is (Ten Million, Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars). Please re-confirm to me if this is inline with what you have in your record and also re-confirm to me the followings: 1) Your full name.2) Phone, Fax and Mobile #.3) Company name, Position and Address.4) Profession, age,sex and marital status.5) Any kind of identification number As soon as this information are received, your payment will be made to you in a certified bank draft or wired to your bank account directly
from Central bank of Nigeria and the a copy of transfer confirmation informations will be given to you for you to take to your bank and confirm it. YOURS SINCERELY,


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From: -

>From Abu Saleh (esq)
Tel :233242325723

Dear Sir/Madam

I am Barrister Abu Saleh, a solicitor at law .I am personal attorney to late Mr Mark Pitts who died in motor accident a long kumasi-Accra road along side with his wife and the only son on the 23rd day of April 2003 and before his death he has unclaimed deposit value at $5.5million U.S in International Commercial Bank Accra Branch. He was a citizen of your country and until his dead was my client and a major contractor/expatriate with Obuasi Gold Mines in Gold coast Ghana. I tried all efforts to trace the relatives to come forward for the cliams but all my efforts had prove fruitless and since nobody come forward for the cliams,My proposal to you is that i will like you to stand as the next of kin and the beneficiary to Mr Mark with a view of retrieving the deposit from (I C B) where is been kept for safe keeping. As a matter of GOVT policy,any deposit that remains unclaimed for a period of five years of deposit is lost to THE GOVT OF GHANA. This is the reason why i want you t
o join me to act fast to put claim to this deposit BEFORE it is lost to the GOVT. You stand no risk and i am going to furnish you with all the necessary documents which you will forward to the attorney. upon your indication of interest to assist,we shall discuss terms.

Yours sincerely,


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Mr.Abdul-Hameed.(Contact Me

From: Mr.Abdul-Hameed -

From:Mr. Abdul Hameed

Attention: My Good Friend

I am Mr. Abdul Hameed, I work with one of the largest Investment Company here in ABU-DHABI,U.A.E Basically, we are into Fund Management and Portfolio Investments.

My Deceased Client Willie Jackson Sr., 61 years, of USA, made a Deposit of Investment Fund valued at ???? (amount not disclosed now for security reasons) with a Bank here U.A.E and unfortunately lost his life aboard Egypt Air Flight 990, which crashed into the Atlantic Ocean on October 31, 1999 (View: and left no clear beneficiary as Next of Kin as he has not completed all of his investment paper works with my company.

As the Fund Manager of the deceased, I have the file of the deceased that contains his investment instructions, so the bank is unaware that the deceased does not state his next of kin. Usually, it is our policy to commence investment for client when our investment-receiving bank receives their payments. Under a clear and legitimate agreement with you, I shall present you as the next of Kin, to claim the fund, so that the bank or Government will not confiscate the Fund.

Should you be willing to work with me, do send your name and contact address, phone no. ( I will get back to you for more details.

Best Regards

Mr. Abdul Hameed