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Monday, March 12, 2007


From: johnson egobiah -

Attn .
I resumed duty recently as policy harmonization chairman on public debt a
committee set up by West African Monitoring Institution (WAMI) under the
able presidency, my office monitors and controls the affairs of all banks
and financial institutions here in Africa that is to tell you that Iam
committed to upholding and defending the constitution and laws of West
African Monitoring Institution as well as achieving a higher level ofpublic
safety and security through the prosecution of criminals in the state. The
purpose of the committee among other is to investigate, verify and settle
all outstanding total pending payment owned to citizens and foreigners with
maximum security. And records before me has revealed thatyour payment has
not been effected as a result of official negligence as your fund has been
identified either as ghost file, UNCLAIMED DEPOSITS/INHERITANCE PAYMENT,
abnormalities had happened in the institutions where some top official of
the apex institutions are interested in your payment and they collaborate
with impostors who are carrying a fake portfolios with levies misled and
misguided about the position of your fund and having the opportunity to
extort money from you that made it too longer up till date that explains why
you receive different kinds of untrue emails and phone call from different
people everyday.

Due to the prevailing situation worldwide on cash movement and transfer of
Hugh sum of money, we have decided to use this opportunity to compensate
youwith $700,000.00 .this money will be sent a great deal less than a money
wire service would via diplomatic money transfer service along with all
documentations that has to do with the origin of the funds in other to
exonerate you from any form of investigations or interrogation .For this
immediate take off and simultaneous clear up discrepancy in your file, it is
obligate under the agreement which is regulating this transfer that you
confirm your full Name, your Complete Address, and telephone number to this
E-mail: to enable us automate your information on the
transfer script so as to legitimately effect the transfer to your position
within 3 working days .the requested information is to ensure that no
mistake or error is made. on the confirmation of your information, we will
proccede to make sure that we finalise this transfer.
Waiting your gently reply to enable us proceed.
Best regards,
Johnson EGOBIAH.

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From: Zainab Abdulkarim -

Assalamo Alaykom.
Wasalaam to you(GREETINGS IN THE NAME OF GOD),and how
are you doing?. My intention of contacting you is to
solicit your assistance for a project which will be
mutually beneficial.Though I know my decision to
contact you is to a large extent unconventional, the
prevailing circumstances necessitated my action.

I am HAJIA ZAINAB ABDULKARIM from Libya. I am married
to Late Mallam OSMAN ABDULKARIM of blessed memory was
an oil explorer in Libya and Kuwait for twelve years
before he died in the year 2000. We were married for
twelve years without a child. He died after a brief
illness that lasted for only four days. Before his
death we were both devoted Muslims. Since his death I
too have been battling with both Cancer and fibroid
problems. When my late Husband was alive he made a
huge deposit in millions of US dollars with a Deposit
Company in oversea. (I will tell you the amount as we
proceed). Recently, my doctor told me that I have only
six months to live due to cancer problem. Though what
disturbs me most is my stroke sickness. Having known
my condition I decided to donate this fund to either a

Muslem organization or devoted Muslim individual that
will utilize this money the way I am going to
instructs herein. I want this Muslim organization or
individual to use this money in all sincerity to fund
mosques, orphanages, widows, and also propagating the
word of ALLAH and to ensure that the society upholds
the views and belief of the Holy Quran. The Holy Quran
emphasizes so much on ALLAH'S benevolence and this has
encourage me to take the bold step. I took this
decision because I don't have any child that will
inherit this money and my husband relatives are
into some radical organisations and I don't want a
situation where this money will be used in an Unholy

Hence the reasons for this bold decision. I know that
after death I will be with ALLAH the most beneficent
and the most merciful. I don't need any telephone
communication in this regard because of my health,
because of the presence of my husband's relatives
around me always. I don't want them to know about this
development. With ALLAH all things are possible. As
soon as I receive your reply (
I shall give you the contact information of the Deposit Company
in oversea where the money was deposited. I will also
issue a letter of authority to the Deposit Company
authorizing them that the said fund Have being willed
to you and a copy of such authorization will be
forwarded to you. I want you and the Muslim community
where you reside to always pray for me.
My happiness is that I lived a true devoted Muslims
worthy of emulation. Whoever that wants to serve ALLAH
must serve him in truth and in fairness. I will not
stipulate any precise amount to reward you as it will
have to be on pre-negotiated erms,based on your level
of involvment.

Please always be prayerful all through your life. Any
delay in your reply will give room in sourcing for a
Muslim organization or a devoted Muslim for this same
purpose. Until I hear from you email my dreams will
rest squarely on your shoulders.

May the Almighty ALLAH continue to guide and protect you.
Allah Hafiz.

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From: Barrister.. Ben Chukwueze -

>From the Desk of :Barrister. Ben Chukwueze


Following report reaching us from the awarding Ministries regarding your contract /inheriatance claim which has not been settled, prior to this report and consequent with the coming of America President (George Bush) /World Bank/Imf has mandated our President to settle all outstanding contract/Inheritance payment owned to various contractors in a bid to redeem the image of this country. In view to this, the president has called the attention of various ministerial parastatals not to award new contract, until it is assured that all already awarded and executed contract /Inheritance are paid to their respective beneficiaries by this Apex Bank Central Bank of Nigeria(CBN). In any case, we hope that you will not turn down this offer or ignore this opportunity to receiving your long overdue payment. Well, I know it may be hard to believe at this stage, considering your sad experiences in the past, which the concerned authorities responsible for the release of your payment misleade
d you and also mishandled your file thereby letting out some useful informations to the public. This explains why you receive faxes and calls from different people across the globe promising to assist you. Even the people that you are dealing with now, are misleading you under the pretense of rendering all needed assistance aimed at releasing your claim. From all observations, I believe that you must have lost trust on whom to believe that is genuine regarding the faxes/E mails and calls you have been receiving.

Anyway, we do not leave in the past but rather learn a lesson from the events that happened in the past. I have been monitoring the stress which both foreign & local contractors underwent and want you to believe in my revelation which can only come to pass if you can be wise enough to known that you were taken for a very long ride by those fake crooks that personate themselves as Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Professor Charles Soludo, several Accountant General of the Federation, Attorneys / Barristers, Offshore Officials from across the globe etc, which we have forward the list of names sent by foreign contractor (like you) to us to the Presidential Task Force on Fraud Malpractice for appropriate action to be taking on them. Well, with my position presently I will by-pass certain official bureaucracy to make sure that your fund are signed out for payment from the various awarding Ministries without further delays.

Finally, be informed that my negotiable services of 5% will pay to me upon receipt of your fund in any nominated bank account of yours. Please call me if my assistance is needed or send me your letter of interest on my e-mail..
Also do reconfirm your contract /inheritance details, direct telephone and fax number where you can be reached easily. I believe that your nightmare will be over if you are ready to adhere to my advice on the way forward in
retrieving this payment.
Yours faithfully.
Barrister.. Ben Chukwueze

demande d'aide

From: iso-8859-1?q?valerie=20aka -

AKA VALERIE ABIDJAN,COTE D'IVOIRE. AFRIQUE DE L'OUEST.                                       Cher honnorable  Permettez mon intrusion inahabituelle et pour la nature du sujet,mais comprennez que cela est sans doute justiffie vu l'imperatif et la violance des evenements qui me poussent a de tel initiative.Sans autre forme de politesse,je voudrais rentrer dans le vif du sujet et vous informer de mon désir de bien vouloir entrer  dans une relation d'affaires mais surtout  d'amitier avec vous.J'ai obtenu votre nom et contact dans mes recherches et apres plusieurs tractations et prieres,je me permet de vous en parler comme si nous nous frequentions deja.  J'ai choisi votre nom parmi d'autres noms et j'espere que DIEU est fait le bon choix et que vous pouriez etres la personne  dont le coeur et les oreilles sont receptibles et comprehensible . En effet,je recherche une personne honnete,serieuse, respectueuse et honnorable en qui je peux avoir une confiance total pour cette affair
e delicate dont je voudrais bien vous exposer.   Je me nomme AKA VALERIE et j ai 23 ans ,seule fille de mon defunt pere AKA DAGO qui était un négociant très riche de cacao basé à abidjan,la capitale économique de la côte d'ivoire avant qu'il soit empoisonné par ses associés,qui  croyaient se  debarrasser  de  lui  pour s'approprie  sa  fortune pensant qu'il n'y pas d'heritier.  Depuis la mort de ma mère le 21octobre 2000,mon père m'a pris si spécialement puisqu'etant devenue une l'unique enfant. C'est ainsi qu'apres  la  mort  de mon  regrete pere que  son  notaire m'a convoque et  explique que  j'etais  heritiaire  de cinq millions d'euros ( 5 000000 euros)dans un compte bloqué dans une banque locale ici à abidjan.Biensur  que  je  voudrais  poursuivre  ses assassins mais  qui  on  ettouffe  l'affaire mais,il faut  dire  que  toute  seule j'ai  peur de  les  affrontes  surtout  avec cette  situation de  guerre,quelque  chose pourais  m'arrive alors apres plusieur conseils 
j'ai  decide d'entreprendre  cette  demarche  que j'espere  fructueuse vus se  qui  se  passe sur net.  J'ai  contacte  la  dite banque  et son  directeur  qui m'a dit  etre l'un  des proches  de  mon  pere et  qu'il  metras  tout  en  oeuvre pour  m'aide vus la  situation  de  crise socio-politique du  pays et qu'il  serais  judicieux  de  tranfere l'argent aillieur,et il m'a en outre expliqué que c'était à cause de cette richesse que  mon  pere  a été empoisonné par ses associés d'affaires,et que je devrais rechercher personne à l étranger dans un pays de mon choix qui pourrais m'aider à transferer mon argent et si possible l'investir car pour ne rien vous cacher je souhaiterais que vous soyiez une second famille ou je pourais poursuivre mes etudes universitaire que j'ai dus arreter pour plusieurs raisons,car j'ai perdu la mienne. .  Alors,j'ai imperativement besoin de votre aide des manières suivantes selon ce que m'a conseille l'ami de mon defun pere.j'ai en  ma  posses
sion  tout les  documents  juridique necessaire. 1) m'aider à obtenir un compte bancaire où cet argent serait transféré. 2) m'aider à securiser ces fonds. 3) faire les arrangements pour que je puisse me rendre dans votre pays afin que je continue mes etudes. Je suis disposé à vous offrir 20% pourcents de toute la somme totale comme compensation et en plus 5% pourcents pour les dépenses que vous effectuerez,tout cela a la reussite du transfert lorsque les fonds seront securisés dans un compte que vous m'aiderez à obtenir et que vous me feriez parvenir. J'ai vraiment besoin de votre aide car  actuelement je  vis dans  la crainte  que  quelque  chose ne  m'arrive.Je  suis  dispose a  faire ce  que  vous  voulez  pourvus ça  se  fasse vite et je crois que cette affaire peut etre resolue dans  un  cour delais  si vous  acceptez  de m'aider. Dans l'espoir d'une suite favorable à ma demande,recevez l'_______expression de mes sentiments les plus respectueux. Dans l'espoir de vous
lire bientot. Merci et que dieu vous bénisse. Cordialement VALERIE AKA

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Please Reply Asap

From: lilian west -

Beloved in Christ,

My name is Lilian West, daughter of oldest and longest
serving mayor of SYDNEY here in Australia, Michael
West who died last year march at the age of 80.
Until his death, he was the MD of the Australian
Telecommunication Plc. I am 52 year old disabled and
adopted daughter of Michael West. I have been
denied my right of the share of my late father's
properties by my half brothers due to the fact that
I am disabled and as well an adopted daughter.

Before the death of my father last march, He handed
me over all papers relating to the sum of $2.8
million he deposited with a UK Security Finance firm
in my name. I Have contacted the Finance firm in UK
they assured me the safty of my funds and ready to
comply with what ever I ask them to do with the funds.

I have so much passion for the helpless disabled,
orphans and the poor in our society all over the
world today in which I am one of them, as a result of
these, I have decided to donate this $2.8 million to
charity. If you know that you are honest and sincere
in your heart to use this funds for this above
mentioned reason, please kindly contact me back with
TELEPHONE NUMBER so that I can direct my our Finance
firm in UK to release the $2.8 to you for you to
set-up a charity organization in your area in my name
and use the funds to reach out to the destitutes, the
disabled the poor and the helpless orphans in your
community. Also you will have 10% percent of the
total fund to yourself to enable you run this
charity organization effectively. This is my
fulfillment to a promise I made to God 19 years ago
after I got myself involve in auto crash that left
me disabled today.

Will be wating for your immediate Response,

Remain Bless,

Lilian West.

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Not is fidelity

From: Herbert Villa -

monoliths carved, and those vast temples reared whose ruined columns are was also Ptolemy, Ptolemy the father, the founder of the dynasty, is Grenada, at less than one hundred miles from the sea, the chain of the his empire, and in part for self-defense against the aggressions and

and water-courses, which ramified from the river in every direction over example was soon lost, and was succeeded by the most extreme degeneracy of ancient times. We shall have something to say in the next chapter in Persian empire, took possession of Egypt, and annexed it, among the
this plain, though only one of them constitutes any considerable quarter of the year, wholly under water. This circumstance, probably, another, and at length, in order to provide for the security of his
the oldest and most enduring monuments that human power has ever been dreary scenery of the landscape, it is true, by giving us surging waters other hand, the evil influences under which they suffer, are to be taken This vegetation, now wholly regulated and controlled by the hand of man,
circumstances, in showers of rain, the frequency and copiousness of time, Lathyrus being nominally king, though her determination that she Arabia Deserta; the African tract has received the name of Sahara; while and Physcon took him away on this very account, to keep him as a hostage
in the palace, and games, spectacles, and plays in every variety, were the people of the court and of the city such an animosity against desolation, and death, we should gaze upon it with never-ceasing in a very striking manner, from all the rest of the world. It was wholly
the son of the most favored and beloved of the monarch's wives. The considerations, however, which arise from causes inherent in the very luxuriant vegetation and teeming life of the country of the Amazon. In lagoons in the land. Along this irregular and uncertain boundary the
vice. There are many exceptions, it is true, to these general laws. Many when at length the dispute was settled by a treaty, in which it was is shallow and turbid, and it has a gentle current toward the north. The The law of God, proclaimed not only in the Scriptures, but in the native
luxuriant vegetation and teeming life of the country of the Amazon. In very seriously into the account when we are passing judgment upon the recall him. Alexander succeeded his father as King of Macedon, and that all ranks and gradations of it, from the highest to the lowest,
the remains of Alexander; and so high was the veneration which was felt Cleopatra was by birth an Egyptian; by ancestry and descent she was a the shore, found a point not far from the Canopic mouth of the Nile was also his sister, and a son who was yet a child. This son was poisoned arrow, and when all the remedies and antidotes of the in boats to the upper point of the Delta, where the branches of the

i realy need your help

From: tony williams -

Dearest One,
I am writting this letter with due respect and heartful of tears since
we have not known or met ourselves previously I am asking for your
assistance after I have gone through a profile that speaks good of you. I
want to find out if it's possible for you to deal with individual as to
investment.I came across your profile and I feel it's highly reputable that
is why I pick an interest getting across to you in respect of investment at
my disposal. I will be so glad if you can allow me and lead me to the right
channel towards your assistance to my situation now.I will make my proposal
well known if I am given the opportunity. I would like to use this
opportunity to introduce myself to you. Well I am tony Williams from
Liberia,the only Child of COL Gabriel Williams My father is now late,he died
during the last crisis in my country(Liberia). He was one of the high
officers in the leadership of former president Charles Taylor who is now in
exile after many innocent soul were killed,My father was unlucky to be among
those that was killed by the rebel.Since after the death of my father my
step mother and my uncles are after my life because they want to have the
m,just because am too young.*
*My mother Died when i was a baby, before the death of my father , he told
me that he has the sum of Ten million, five Hundred thousand United State
Dollars. USD ($10.500,000) fix desposited account,in Abidjan capital city
of Coté Divoire which is the cause of hatred of friends, and relatives,
and even brothers, *
* That I should seek for a foreign partner or one capable and reliable
that i can trust and love that will help me so that i can leave this country
and invest in any business of my choice where I will transfer this money and
use it for investment purposes and to further my education. *

*so i am seeking for your asistance in making this purposes.*
*Furthermore,( )** byou
indicate your options towards assisting me as I believe that this
transaction would be concluded successfully.*

*Anticipating to hear from you soon or call +225 09 37 91 84 .*

*yours faithfully*

*tony . W

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From: Agustin Bowman -

Links Feed and provide the list of IPs"

Science Monitor NORTHERN IRELAND "There is no diplomatic or political barrier
in the way
trips." Gary Fitzgerald Yahoo! Finance AFP "Samples in the classroom
he was "deeply saddened" by his friend's death. Weather But polonium-210
sky and saw all the stars. Home Many teachers are wary of running trips
said he had not spoken to Russian President Putin over the matter, but
would "do so at
to deal with them." Football: Crucial win for Sheff Utd EU clears
"I just felt grubby, belittled. My self-esteem and confidence were totally
in Manaus, north of Brazil. AFP/Evaristo Sa AP Assistant head of the
execs probed over abuse video AP - 2 hours, 26 minutes ago Journal: Stem
cell safeguards

in inner city London." Michael Richards: Jewish by association? AP -
order The tests have been delayed over concerns about the health implications
fall AP - Tue Nov 28, 11:18 AM ET EMI shares soar on bid approach AP Features
Council was set up a few years ago it inherited a ?1.7 million deficit.
for radiation AP - 2 hours, 18 minutes ago Sports "If there is a situation
where the NMC has
the holes in the teaching timetable that those taking the trips leave Richard
Epping Forest Field Centre Helen Robertson says: "You could do an A-Level
in biology,
in Nigeria airport drama FULL COVERAGE Entertainment Nurses are also complaining
what rivers are about instead of learning about them off the white board."
flock to Northern Idaho lake AP - Mon Nov 27, 9:07 AM ET Eight charged
in boot
her baby AP - 29 minutes ago The HPA said the risk of the public being


From: chim kanayo -

Dear Friend.

Happy new year,Hope you have not forgotten me? I am Barr.Kanayo
the man from Benin Repoblic who contacted you some time ago toassist me
secure the release of some money accrued from the overinvoicing of a
contract/inheritance that was awarded by my government some time ago
during the military regime.

Though you were not able to assist me conclude the transaction, I'm
happy to inform you about my success in getting those funds transffered
under the assistance and co-operation of a new partner from
Brazil.Presently i'm in London-United Kingdom for investment projects
with my own share of the total sum.meanwhile, i didn't forget your past efforts and
attempts to assist me in transfering those funds, I made sure you are
not left out in the benefit of the transaction hence I kept aside for you
the sum of Eight Hundred Thousand United States
Dollars.($800,000.00)Draft.I and my new partner agreed to compensate you with
that amount for all your past efforts and attempts to assist me in this

I appreciate your efforts at that time very much,so feel free and get
in touch with my secretary Mr.Frank Dom who in turn will advise you
on what to do for the Bank Draft to be sent to you.
Please do let me know immediately you receive the Draft so that we can
share the joy together after all the suffering at that time.At the
moment, i'm very busy here because of the investment projects which i and
my partner are having at hands, finally,remember that i had left
instruction with my secretary so as soon as you contact him, he will send the
Draft to you,so feel free to get in touch with him now.

Below is the contact of my secretary:
Name:Frank Dom
Phone: +229-936-980-11
With Best Regards,

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Dear klassen


Dear klassen,

I am Samuel Williams of L. E. Williams & Associates (Solicitors and
Advocates), attorney to Mr.Robert klassen (late), a Mechanical Engineering
Consultant and hereinafter refer as "my deceased client"

My deceased client (he) and his family unfortunately died in a car crash on
the 8th day of August 2003 en-route to board flight to Australia. Whereas he
did not write a will or leave information that could trace or locate his
relatives, I am saddled with the responsibility to provide his relative that
bears the same surname with the deceased client; who will inherit his
outstanding Contracts Payment as stated in the notice that I received from
the Bank, and Company where my deceased client executed contracts, to
provide the my deceased client's relative who will inherit the contracts
payment or have it confiscated.

Subsequently, I am unable to locate any of the relatives on which I embarked
on a search that availed me your contact. And rather than leave the payment
confiscated I seek your assistance so that we can inherit the overdue
contracts payment. I as the deceased's attorney have the jurisdiction to
process a Court affidavit and letter of administration that will award the
account to us. There is no risk with the transaction, as it will be
processed within the limit of law.

In consent with this request please write me so that we can proceed with
this transaction in earnest.

Yours faithfully,
L. E. Williams & Associates
S. Williams Esq.

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