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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Gods blessing (Please respond soonest

From: patrick dukes -

Abidjan, Ivory Coast
West Africa.
Please reply me through this my private e-mail:
Dear One

It's my pleasure to contact you for a business venture which I intend to establish in your country, Though I have not met with you before but I believe one has to risk, confiding in someone to succeed sometimes in life. There is this huge amount of money (Three million, five hundred thousand United State Dollars) which I inherit from my late fether, in a Bank here in Cote'd ivoire before he was assasinated by unknown persons. Now I decieded to invest these money in your country or anywhere safe enough outside Africa for security purposes. I want you to help me to transfer this fund into your country for investment purposes on the followings below:

International School.
Five star hotel.
Real Estate investment.

If you can be of an assistance to me I will be pleased to offer you 20% Of the total fund.

Thank for your effort and may God bless you.

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I need your urgent response: Thanks

From: Nic Newton -

Fax: 234-01487569.

Dear Friend,

I am highly delighted to be in contact with you and sorry for the embarrassment this mail might be to you as we have not met or known each other before; it is with trust and believes that I write to you.

I am Barrister Nic Newton, a Legal Practitioner Base In Nigeria . I have decided to contact you so that we can carry out this mutually beneficial business transaction due to the confidence I have in you.

My late Client Mr. Burton W. Auxier , an American until his death deposited a total of $7.9Million (Seven Million Nine Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) three years ago with an International Bank. He was an Oil Consultant/Contractor with the Chevron Nigeria Ltd. Since I am the personal attorney to Mr. Burton W. Auxier , he
gave me the custody of the deposit documents, and as such entrusted me with the Legal Rights to transfer and execute this deposit to any Next of Kin after his demise.

I have since tried to locate any Next of Kin to my late client without success; hence I decided to contact you so that you can rightfully/legitimately stand as the next of kin(Beneficiary) to inherit the deposited sum. This is a staggering sum, and I need a reliable person to help me with necessary arrangements to transfer the deposited sum out of Nigeria before it is declared un serviceable .

By virtue of my position as an Attorney, I will arrange the documents in your name so that you can legitimately apply as a Next of Kin to my Late client since your profile search shows that you a trustful someone, and a good person, so i decided to mail you. Note: You not being his blood relative will not be a barrier to the success of this transaction. You will be entitled to 50% of the total sum should you be willing to assist me in this business transaction, and I will get the remaining 50%.

I will prepare a formal agreement to guide us in this transaction for accountability purpose. Please contact me at or as soon as possible so that we can start processing the documents.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours truly, Barr. Nic Newton ( Esq .}. Talk now to your Hotmail contacts with Windows Live Messenger


From: mallam mustapha -

Due to the death of my Father General Abacha the former head of state of
Nigeria in June 1998, I have been thrown into a state of hopelessness by the
present administration.I have lost confidence with anybody within my
I got your contacts through personal research, and had to reach you through
this medium.
I will give you more details when you reply. Due to security network placed
on my daily affairs I cant visit the embassy so that is why I have contacted
you. My Father deposited $12.6million dollars with a security firm abroad
whose name is witheld for now till we communicate.
I will be happy if you can receive this funds and keep it safe I assure you
20% of this fund. I will need your telephone/mobile numbers so that we can
commence communication.I await your urgent response.
Yours truly,

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From: narasaiah chintha -

Dear brother in Christ,

Greetings in Jesus highly exalted name. It is my great pleasure to meet you
through this e-mail. Here I would like to introduce myself as

Pastor CH.Narasaiah, from Guntur District, Andhra Parades. I was born and
brought up in a Hindu family. My father name is krishnamurthy who is God
trinity in the Hinduism and my mother name is Rosamma also a Hindu name. I
am only the one son to my parents so they loved me very much from my
childhood. As a Hindu boy I used to read our Holy book Bhagavat Geeta. After
I grew up 18 years old I started to think who is real God because Hindu
religion not gives me any satisfaction and makes me confusion reason of many
Gods over one thousand. Since 19 years I started to read other Holy books
like Qumran, Bible Buddhism and some other world's faiths. I found truth in
the Bible only. Mostly these scriptures inspired me. God so loved the world
that He gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not
perish but have everlasting life john=3:16.God demonstrates His own live
towards us, in that while we were still sinners Christ died for us.
Rom=5:8.For all have sinned and fall short of the Glory of god Rom=3:23.For
the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ
Jesus is our Lord. Rom=6:23.But as many as received Him, to them He gave the
right to become the children of God, to those who believe in His name.
John=1:12. The Word of God inspires me. The birth of Jesus Christ, His
miracles, signs, no one speaks that he is God or Son of God except Jesus
Christ. Jesus said I am the way truth and the life. He said that he has
authority to forgive sins. After reading Bible I came to know Jesus Christ
is the Son of God and through His blood we have eternal life. I accepted
Jesus Christ as my personal savior on 1st July 65 and I took baptism 11th
January 1966 by pastor p.chinnayasuri. For 3 years I worked as a government
employ and I gave resign to that job when God called me to do His work among
unreached villages in the year of 1970. I could establish three churches in
deferent places of our surroundings with my own money every year we will
conduct Gospel Open Air meetings at our Churches. So, we request you to come
and bless us with the Living word of God. So that my country India would be
filled with God's love and mercy. Presently we are running one orphanage
home with 13 children we are strongly praying for their basic and daily
needs. Because they are struggling for the food and clothes. Please I kindly
inform you take little bit of your valuable time and pray and do some
gracious help for them. If you give your postal address we will send our
ministry we all are praying for you and for your family. I hope this is not
accidental but by God's grace only we able to contact you. If you want to
know more about us, please write us we will send more information to you in
our next mail. Therefore I request you all to up hold us in your valuable
prayers. And please share with your friends, relatives and church members.
All our church members and orphan children are sending their hearty wishes
and sweet hugs to you. Closing here with lots of love and prayers. Eagerly
waiting for your gracious reply.
Thanking you

Your Brother In His Service

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Dearest one

From: mariam kone -

Dearest one,

Permit me to inform you of my desire of going into Business relationship with you. There is information I would like you to keep very confidential. My name is MARIAM KONE, The only daughter of late MR. and MRS MUSTAPHA KONE. My father was a very wealthy Gold & Cocoa Merchant in Abidjan, the Economic Capital of Ivory Coast, and my father was poisoned to death by his Business Associates on one of their outings on a business trip. My mother died when I was a baby and since then my Father took me so special.

Before the death of my father on September 2003 in a private Hospital here in Abidjan he secretly called me on his bed side and told me that he has the sum of Eighteen million, five hundred thousand United State Dollars. USD ($ 18.500, 000) left in Foreign Security Firm in London United kingdom, that he used my name as his only daughter for the next of Kin in Lodgement of the Funds. He also explained to me that it was because of this Wealth that he was poisoned by his Business associates. That I should seek for a foreign partner in a country of my choice where I will Transfer this money and use for Investment purpose such as Real Estate Management or Hotel Management since the Lodgement Certificate is here with me in Abidjan. Sir, I am honourably seeking your Assistance in the Following ways:
(1) To serve as a guardian and invest of these funds in your country for me, since I am 22years.
(2) To make arrangement for me to come over to your Country to further my Education and to secure a Resident permit in your country.
Moreover, sir I am willing to offer you a good percentage from the total sum as compensation for your effort/input after the successful transfer of this fund into your Nominated Account overseas.
Please do signify your interest to assist me, as I will be forwarding you the contacts of the concern security firm in London once I hear from you soon.
Anticipating to hearing from you as soon as possible. Contact me through this Email address as above. Thanks and God bless.

Best regards,

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