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Monday, February 05, 2007


From: Kathy Jack Lambert -

Dear respectful,

My name is Mrs. Kathy Jack Lambert I am a dying woman who have decided to
donate what I have to you/churches in your country. I am 69 years old
and I was
diagnosed for cancer about 2 years ago, immediately after the death of my
husband who had left me everything he worked for. i have been touched
by God to
donate from what I have inherited from my late husband to the you for the good
work of God than allow my relatives to use my husband hard earned funds
ungodly. Please pray that the good Lord forgive me my sins.I have asked God to
forgive me and I believe he has because He is a merciful God.

I will be going in for an operation tomorrow morning. I decided to WILL/donate
the sum of $3,500,000(Three million five hundred thousand dollars)
deposited in
a Bank since May 25th 2000 to you for the good work of the lord, and also to
help the motherless and less privilege and also for the assistance of the
widows according to (JAMES 1:27) Let `s carry each other?s burdens and so
fulfill the law of Christ also Let us not grow wearing while doing good for in
due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart according to Galatians.

At the moment I cannot take any telephone calls right now due to the fact that
my relatives are around me and my health status. I have decided to adjust my
WILL and my Executor is aware that I have made my decision; you and he will
arrange the transfer of the funds from the Bank to your humble self.

As the law of the bank applies, any sum deposited after 7 years without the
presentation or effort of claim by the beneficiary; the bank have the right to
cancel the customer` s account and have his money to the bank treasury as

I wish you all the best and may the good Lord bless you abundantly, and please
use the funds well and always extend the good work to others.

Contact my Executor Barrister Douglass Chance with this specified or Tel and fax: 0032-474-401-810
with your full names contact telephone/fax number and your full address and
tell him that I am ready to WILL ($3,500,000.00) to you and I have also
notified him that I WILL-IN that amount to you for a specific and good work.
Thanks and God bless.

NB: I will appreciate your utmost confidentiality in this matter until
the task
is accomplished as I don't want anything that will jeopardize my last wish.
Also I will be contacting with you by email, so please advice your email
address because don't want my relation or anybody to know about this.

Mrs. Kathy Jack Lambert

From J. Brown

From: Barr James Brown -

Good day,
I am Barrister. James Brown,lawyer to late Mr.Morris Thompson who lost his
life in a plane crash involving Alaska Airline's Flight 261,which crashed on
January 31st.2000,including his wife and only daughter.Mr. Morris Thompson
aged 61 hailed from Fairbanks,Alaska in United States of America. He was one
of the states's most prominent native and business leader. All these you are
very free to verify from the web link below for more information and
clarification about his socio-economic status until his death;

Before the demise of my client,he disclosed to me his account status,which
amounted to 3.5million Britsh Pounds(Three Million Five Hundred Thousand
British Pounds).He also handed over to me some vital copies of documents
regarding this fund already trapped at finance house in EUROPE.
I was at the last burial rights on February,5th,2000 to pay my final respect
to Late Mr.Morris Thompson.There I made thorough inquiries about his
relatives but,discovered no one really knows about this fund currently sited
at EUROPE.Since then, I have made successive attempts to get his next of kin
or relative to come forth and claim this fund but to no avail.As personal
lawyer to my late client,I cannot in any way claim it unless someone
overseas does so.Just two weeks ago,I received a routine notification from
the finance house concerning this fund,and the officials of this firm issued
a warning,stressing the urgency for late Mr. Morris Thompson's relative or
next of kin to come forward to claim this fund immediately or they will have
it confiscated and forwarded to the nation's treasury account as an
unclaimed fund.This is the agreement they have reached at the company and
they also reiterated that this is according to the company guidelines.


Owing to the fact that his daughter whom should have stand a better chance
of claiming this fund, also perished in that fatal air crash,I want you to
stand in as the next of kin to late Mr. Morris Thompson.Like I earlier
asserted,I have in my possession the necessary documents that will enable me
to place you in,as the right beneficiary to my late client's fund in this
firm.Be informed that upon successful transfer of this money into your
account,you shall have 35% of it as your share. I must remind you that trust
and transparency must be our watchword in the course of this transaction.I
will discuss with you in details when I receive your response.
Please include the following in your reply.

(1.)Your Name in full.
(2.)A reliable phone and Fax number
(4)contact address in full.

I look forward to receiving from you soon.

Yours sincerelly,

Barrister James Brown.
Legal Equity Law Firm (Attorneys and Solicitors)

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From: Robert Manfred -

Dear Sir/Madam,
The inspiration to contact you is simply divine providence, I am making
this proposition because I have to seek the partnership of a resource
person to help me realize this project. I am Barrister Robert Manfred Esq
A solicitor and investment consultant based in London, united kingdom.
I was attending a business luncheon in Berlin, Germany and I got
introduced to the renowned German businessman and property mogul, Mr.
Andreas Schranner (of the blessed memory).
He engaged my services as attorney and investment consultant and my
primary assignment was to spearhead his investment forays in the United
Kingdom. Three months later I invited him to London and under my
professional guidance and based on my advice he made a fixed deposit of
6,800,000,00 million pounds sterling at a financial institution[SIX
This deposit was for 2years and upon maturity I made effort to contact
my client, I could not reach him or any member of his family. I was
forced to travel to Germany and there I got the tragic news that on
July 25 2000, my client Mr. Andreas schranner, his wife Maria,
and their two children perished in the air France Concorde new York bound

Please Click here and find out what happened to the family
I have made efforts to locate any member of his family since then with
strong biological links to my late client without success. The search
to find a close relation is one that has consumed time and resources.
The institution is asking me to either present a next of kin to late
Mr. Andreas Schranner or forfeit the deposit.
My proposal is to package, present you as next of kin to late Mr.
Andreas Schranner and process the fixed deposit and transfer custody to
you for our mutual benefit. My capacity as solicitor/investment
consultant to my late client gives me the discretion to package and
transfer the deposit to you. I will give you 40% for your effort, 60%
for me it will amount to injustice if I do not take this decisive step
to secure this deposit, and invest it. The late schranner was also a
friend in addition to our business relationship. I will wait for your
reaction and response and then together we can jumpstart this project
and nurture it to reality.
I await your respond
Robert Manfred Esq