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Friday, November 10, 2006


From: Peter Wong -

FROM:Mr.Peter Wong
Hang Seng Bank Ltd
17 Des Voeux Road
Hq Branch.
Hong Kong.

This mail might come to you as a surprise and the
temptation to ignore it as unserious could come into your
mind; but please consider it a divine wish and accept
it with a deep sense of humility. I am Mr.Peter Wong
director of operations of the Hang Seng Bank Ltd. I
have a obscured business suggestion for you.

Before the U.S and Iraqi war our client Major Fadi
Basem who was with the Iraqi forces and also business man
made a numbered fixed deposit for 18 calendar months,
with a value of Twenty Four millions Five Hundred
Thousand United State Dollars only in my branch. Upon
maturity several notices was sent to him, even during the
war early this year. Again after the war another
notification was sent and still no
response came from him. We later find out that the
Major and his family had been killed during the war in
bomb blast that hit their home.

After further investigation it was also discovered
that Major Fadi Basem did not declare any next of kin in
his official papers including the paper work of his
bank deposit. And he also confided in me the last time
he was at my office that no one except me knew of his
deposit in my bank. So, Twenty Four millions Five
Hundred Thousand United State Dollars is still lying in my
bank and no one will ever come forward to claim it.
What bothers me most is that according to the to the
laws of my country at the expiration 3 years the funds
will revert to the ownership of the Hong Kong Government
if nobody applies to claim the funds.

Against this backdrop, my suggestion to you is that I
will like you as a foreigner to stand as the next of
kin to Major Fadi Basem so that you will be able to
receive his funds.


I want you to know that I have had everything planned
out so that we shall come out successful.

I have contacted an attorney that will prepare the
necessary document that will back you up as the next of
kin to Major Fadi Basem , all that is required from you
at this stage is for you to provide me with your Full
Names and Address so that the attorney can commence
his job. After you have been made the next of kin, the
attorney will also fill in for claims on your behalf
and secure the necessary approval and letter of probate
in your favour for the move of the funds to an account
that will be provided by you.

There is no risk involved at all in the matter as we
are going to adopt a legalized method and the attorney
will prepare all the necessary documents. Please
endeavour to observe utmost discretion in all matters
concerning this issue.

Once the funds have been transferred to your nominated
bank account we shall share in the ratio of 60% for
me, 40% for you . Should you be interested please send

Your full names:
Private phone/fax :
Current residential address:


Finally after that I shall provide you with more
details of this operation.

Your earliest response to this letter will be

Kind Regards,
Peter Wong


From: Rev Uche Mordi -


Dear Beloved in the lord,

Calvary greetings i am Rev Uche Mordi a lawyer by profession i have the sum 0f $100,million usd only for donation as regards the instruction of my late clients

- Rev Uche Mordi


From: Terry Peter -


accept my sincere apology if my email does not meet your business or
personal ethics. I will first introduce myself as Mr Terry Peter, a
staff in the audit section of a well-known bank, here in London,

One of our accounts, with holding balance of £26,000,000
(Twenty Six Million Pounds Sterling) has been dormant and last operated
three years ago. From my investigations and confirmation
the owner of
the said account, a foreigner by name John Shumejda died on the 4th of
January 2002 in a plane crash in Birmingham; you can view this CNN
website( >.
plane/>) for details on the crash. Since then, nobody has done anything
as regards the claiming of this money, as he has no family member that
has any knowledge as to the existence of either the account or the
funds; and also information from
the National Immigration also states
that he was single on entry into the UK.

After detailed
investigations on the deceased and his account, I found out there is no
mention of any heirs or family member on the account document in the
Bank records, therefore the
money was lodged secretly into the
account. Plans are to transfer the fund out with you sincerely help.
This transaction is totally free of risk and troubles as the fund is
legitimate and does not originate from drug, money laundry, terrorism
or any other illegal act.

On your interest, let me hear from you
I look forward to hear from you soonest.
God Bless You.
Best Regards,
Terry Peter

Thanks for your mail

From: Mrs.Miriam Yusuf -

My Dear Beloved,

Calvary greetings, I am Miriam Dela Ysusf, a widow to Late Sherrif Dela Ysusf, I am 69 years old, suffering from protracted cancer of the breast. From all indications, my condition is serious and according to my doctor it is quite obvious that I may not survive the sickness, as a child of God I believe I will not die until God's time for me, I know will live to declare the glory of God in my life. My late husband and my only son were killed in fatal auto accident on there way from the hospital to see me.

My late husband was a successful businessman and a contract with shell petroleum, before death of my husband he did some jobs for shell, just yesterday I got a letter from shell that the payment for the jobs are due, I am perplexed I don't know what to do with the money at this stage of my life coupled with my state of health.

After thinking of several options, I have decided to WILL the total sum to charity through you, if you are ready and you know you can do the work of charity, get back to me immediately for full details, such as the amount and how it will be paid to you.
(my contact email:

Best regards,
Miriam Yusuf


From: Mrs.Elizabeth Kana -

Good Day Friend

I hope my business proposal will be a pleasant
surprise to you, as we have had no prior business

I am humbly seeking your honest assistance in business investment in
your country.

I am from Sierra Leone in Africa. I am a sixty-two year old and a widow
of a late miner and trader in diamonds where we made our cash money. This
money (Forty-
two Million USD) in question is without blemish, drug free and totally
ours.After the death of my husband, without his leadership and guidance, I
deem it unsafe to continue living in and investing our funds here in
Africa,due to fear of prevalent massive corruption and distrust inherent
in the uncertain political and economic climate in my country ofresidence.

I am therefore, most humbly and discreetly
seeking a reliable, honest and trustworthy foreign
partner and friend to assist in investment of my
money in profitable businesses, preferably real
estate in your country under your directives with
the assistance of my boy and personal assistant that
will be working with you on this project.

My family and I do wish to relocate to your
country and live peacefully on the proceeds of the
investment of my money. In due course we will need assistance in
getting an immigration attorney to file for our migration to your country,
so in line with this, I am also requesting your assistance in buying two
family homes in your country in which we shall live in.

The details of these and the manner the funds
shall be transported to your country would be
discussed during your initial familiarization
meeting with my boy and personal assistant, prior to the commencement
of this project.

I am offering you the option of a choice of percentage of my current
total funds or percentage of the annual proceeds from the investment of
same for your assistance.
Please contact me on my email if my proposal is something you might be
interested in.

Thanks and I am looking forward to hearing from you.

My regards to you and your family.
Mrs. Elizabeth Kana.

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please respond its very urgent

From: Barr. Rick Anderson -

Dear Friend,

I wish to intimate you with a request that would be of immense
benefit to both of us. Being an executor of WILL, it is possible that
we may be tempted to make fortune out of our client situations, when
we cannot help it, or left with no better option. The issue I am
presenting to you is about my client who WILL a fortune to his
next-of-kin. It was
most unfortunate that he and his next-of-kin died on the same day in
the sharja plane crash of Tuesday 10 February 2004.

I am now faced with confusion of who to pass the fortune
to.According to the English law, the fortune is supposed to be
bequeathed to the government.However,i dont belong to that school of
thought which proposes that the fortune of unlucky people be given to
the government.

My purpose of contacting you is to seek your assistance to act as
the benefactor of the WILL, and lay claim to the legacy(12.4million
pounds sterling),which this my unfortunate client bequeathed to his
next-of-kin. For now, It is only known to me, as my client has great
confident in me. Everything will be left between you and I. The share
would be 40% for you and 60% for me.All I have to do is to amend the
WILL stating you as the beneficiary to the 12.4million pounds sterling.

As I am yet to get your consent on this issue, I prefer not to
divulge my full identity so as not to risk being debarred. The English
Bar considers it a breach of the oath of the British Bar Council. I
need not emphasize to you that the sensitivity of this issue need not
be toyed with by neglecting its confidentiality. Due to the activities
of fraudsters now rampant on the internet,and until I am sure of your
consent,full cooperation and genuine willingness to assist me for our
mutual benefit,I would prefer that we maintain correspondence by
email.At this point I want to assure you that your true consent, full
cooperation and confidentiality are all that are required for us to
take full advantage of this great opportunity.

This is an opportunity that people rarely have.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

you can reach me also on this email address:

Yours Truly,

Barr.Rick Anderson


From: Rev. Fr Mark Phillips -

Office of The Director Special duties.
Dakar, Senegal
Tel: +221 418 3317
Fax: +221 418 4418

Special duties reference

**UNO/WBF LM-05-371**

To the Beneficiary,

The World Bank Group, Fact Finding & Special Duties office In conjunction with the United Nations Organization, has received part of your pending payment with reference number (LM-05-371) amounting to (Ten Million United State Dollars) out of your contractual/inheritance funds from our ordering contractor Bank quoting reference to UNO/WBF LM-05-371, the said payment is been arranged in a Security-proof box weighing 75kg padded with synthetic nylon. According to information gathered from the bank's security computer we were notified that you have waited for so long to receive this payment without success, we also confirmed that you have not met all statutory requirements in respect of your pending payment. You are therefore advised to contact our Payment Clearance Department to obtain necessary information to the Security courier service company that is specialized in sending diplomatic materials and information from one country to another, which a!
lso has diplomatic immunity to carry consignment (Box) such as this.

This office has met with this Security courier service and concluded shipping arrangement with them,therefore shipment will commence as soon as we have your go ahead order,the diplomat who will be bringing in this Consignment(Box) to you is an expert and has been in this line of work for many years now,so you have notting to worry about. After all arrangements we have concluded that you must donate (Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) to a charity organization we designate to you as soon as you receive your money. To this effect, in your response you should send to us a promissory note promissing to donate the stated amount and also with your address where you will like the Box to be delivered.

Please maintain topmost secrecy as it may cause a lot of problems if found out that we are using this media to help you. Therefore you are advised not to inform anyone about this until you received your money.The above requirement qualifies you for final remittance process of the received sum.

Please confirm message granted with "GO AHEAD ORDER" on mail:


Yours Faithfully
Rev. Fr Mark Phillips
Director, Special Duties UNO/WBF

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From: smith -

How are you, My name is Walter Smith.L N Fabrics textiles Limited needs a book-keeper in the States, so I want to know if you will like to work online from home and get paid weekly without leaving or affecting your present job? THIS IS SAFE AND LEGAL. It's just that I presently run a textile and fabrics firm I inherited from my late Dad in the UK and we need someone to work for the company as a representative/book keeper in the States. My company produces various clothing materials, batiks, assorted fabrics and traditional costume which we have clients we supply weekly in the States. My clients make payments for our supplies every week in form of Money Orders which are not readily cashable outside the United States, so we need someone in the States to work as our representative and assist us in processing the payments from our clients and I will pay HIM/HER weekly salary. ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS RECEIVE THIS PAYMENTS FROM OUR CLIENTS IN THE STATES, GET IT CASHED
IN YOUR BANK THEN DEDUCT YOUR WEEKLY PAY AND FORWARD THE BALANCE TO THE COMPANY DOWN HERE VIA WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER. Our payments will be issued out in your name and you get them cashed in your bank, deduct your weekly salary and forward the balance to the company via Western union money transfer. SO ALL I NEED IS TO FOWARD YOUR INFORMATIONS TO OUR CLIENTS IN THE STATES AND THEY ISSUE PAYMENTS, THEN SEND IT TO YOU VIA COURIER SERVICE. I will need your Full name, Residential Address and Phone Number so we can forward it to our clients and they will start making payments to you as the company's representative in the states. I WILL EMAIL YOU A LETTER OF EMPLOYMENT FROM OUR COMPANY WHICH YOU HAVE TO REPLY WITH AN ACCEPTANCE LETTER AND A SCANNED COPY OF YOUR INDENTIFICATION ATTACHED TO IT. AS SOON AS WE CONFIRM ANY PAYMENT COMING TO YOU, I WILL LET YOU KNOW AND I WILL GIVE YOU THE INFORMATION TO SEND THE FUNDS TO THE COMPANY VIA Western union money transfer. PLEASE REPLY TO
THIS EMAIL AS THIS IS MY PRIVATE EMAIL AND I USE IT TO PREVENT! SPAM MA ILS FROM GETTING INTO MY EMAIL BOX. I await your urgent response. Warmest Regards, Walter Smith.C.E.OL N Fabrics Textiles (UK, Cash and Distribution Office).

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