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Monday, August 20, 2007


From: stevereubenterraes -

Hello Dear Friend,

After a discreet enquiries, I’m able to discover your astute ability to
handle a business transaction of considerable volume which requires
and secrecy.
My name is Steven Reuben Conneh, a Liberian and the son of Sekou
Damate Conneh,a former rebel leader and a renown chief in a Diamond district of Liberia where he inherited a rich Diamond company. He was accused by Government of President Charles Taylor for misappropriation of public fund and was arrested and jailed.
You can visit this website:
Before my father died, he instructed and confined in me as his Only son
about his business and secrecy. As a matter of fact, my father gave me
some documents bearing the name of a financial security outfit in Accra
capital city of Ghana, which he told me was the place he deposited huge amount of money, Gold and Diamond when he was assigned for special duty.
Armed with this documents that my father gave to me, I flew to Accra ,
Ghana where I confirmed the documents. Our lawyer showed me the two sealed trunk boxes with the inscription "FAMILY ACHIEVE" with my name being used as the next of kin in the deposit form.
However, my father had earlier informed me that he cleverly packed the
Thirty Million US Dollars [$30 Million USD] in 2 metallic trunk boxes
.This he did in order to conceal the money from being detected.
Now with my father exit, I need a foreign partner who will assist me and my sister to receive this proceeds in abroad , and who will
equally not sidetrack me and my family when this money get into his possession.
On completion of this transaction, I wish to offer you 30% of total sum
for your asistance,10% for unforeseen or miscellaneous and 60% for I and my family and I will also come over to your country for a joint investment
according to your directives.
There is no risk involved both now and future. On your acceptance you
reach me on my altanative email: for us to touch base.
Best Regards.
Steven Reuben [for the family]

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