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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Urgent Reply Needed


Rolland Martins & CO.
Barrister & Solicitors,
Zionwards Chambers,
Suite 6, 3rd Floor,
118 Lord Lurgard Street, Lagos Island.
P.O.Box 75519,
Victoria Island,Lagos, Nigeria.


I am Rolland Martins a solicitor at law. I am the Personal Attorney
to Mr.Mark
Robinson, who lived in Nigeria for fifty years, and who was until his
demise my
client based on engagement entered into with my chambers in 1985. The
said Mark
who is hereafter referred to as my client passed on April 1999, in a
fatal auto
crash accident.All occupants of the vehicle including his immediate family
unfortunately lost their lives. I contact you to secure your assistance in
claiming his estate which includes sums of money left behind by him (Mark) to
forestall confiscation and possible declaration of his account as non-
serviceable by the bank with whom this money were deposited.National
Trust Bank
where my late client had an account for a value of 28.5 million dollars has
issued me with notice to provide the Next of kin,or have the funds confiscated
and declared abandoned.

I seek your consent to present you as the Next of kin of the deceased
since you
are a foreigner and it is only a foreigner can stand as the next of
kin so that
the lodgments of this account valued at,28.5 million dollars can be
to you by legitimate inheritance provisions as my client's, Next of Kin.This
sum of money can thereafter be mutually disbursed by an agreed percentage All
legal documents to back up your claim as the deceased Next of Kin, will be
available by my chambers as witness to your status as bonafide inheritor.

All i need from you is to provide for me your full name which i will it use to
register your name in the high court as the next of kin to the inheritance
fund. Your telephone number also will be required for oral discussion.I
therefore solicit your honest cooperation to enable us see this enterprise to
finality. I reassure you that this will be executed under a legitimate
arrangement that will protect you from any breach of the law.Please get in
touch with me, to enable us discuss more elaborately.

I await your urgent response to this mail, i will like you to Respond through
my private mail box address:

Best Regards,
Rolland Martins Esq.
PP:Rolland. A. Martins