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Friday, October 26, 2007

GreetingsPls respond SoonestURGENT

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I am Miss Laura Snyder, 21 yrs of age, a student, based in
the U.K, i hail from S.Africa, and from a polygamous family,
and my father was an oil merchant in QATAR, he was into
export and import of crude oil. My late father got married
to 3 wives, and i am the only child of the 3rd wife,in which
after my late father's death, last three weeks ago, the
males from the other both side of my late father's wives,
are trying to make away with my father's properties,
including large funds totaling the sum of $124.5M
{$124,540,000} only lodged in a foreign account with the
funds, i am to inherit only from the total sum just $9.5M
{$9,500,000} only as my own inheritance and share from the
family treasure since i am the only child of the 3rd wife of
my late father written in his WILL.

Due to the fact that i lost my mother while i was 3yrs of
age, so nobody now to help me claim my share of the
inheritance, since i am still younger in all the rest, so
that avenue is what they are trying to use to claim all the
total sum including my share, i am appealing to you as a
father, mother, brother, sister and true friend, to help
move my own share to your country for me, i am also willing
to give to you for your kind assistance and support for
helping me transfer my inheritance to your country, 35% of
my inheritance share for your kind co-operation, and 5% will
be for expenses incurred, while the remaining 60% will be
left for me until i come over, because i cant do this alone,
since i am still too young to transfer this kind of money
alone to your country, once the funds is there in your
country, i can come over to your country for the sharing of
the funds according to the % agreed to give to you, while
the rest will kept for me, to invest in with it, in your

I sincerely grace your indulgence to help me transfer this
funds to your country urgently, if interested, kindly get
back to me soonest, so that further details will be provided
to you by me, on how i will need your assistance. reply soonest.

NOTE: Please Kindly get back to me on this my private email
address Only:

Yours Sincerely.
Miss Laura Snyder

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