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Monday, October 01, 2007

Respond Soonest Thanks

From: Lawson Egomer -

My name is Barrister Lawson Egomer. I am a Legal representative, an Attorney and private account manager to my late client. In the Year 2005, my client, He passed away, leaving behind a cash inheritance of Ten million Five hundred thousand United States Dollars ($10,500,000,00).My late client grew up in a "Motherless Babies Home". He had no family, no beneficiary nor next of kin to the inheritance consignment left behind at the finance security company batch no xxTG012604AF. The Financial law of inheritance clearly allows for the deceased security company to use deceased consignment as deemed fit, should the inheritance consignment be left unclaimed after the death of the consignment owner? The reason that you have been contacted now is because you bear the same last name with the deceased, and I can present you as the beneficiary and next of kin to my late client consignment then you will stand as his next of kin and claim the consignment. The Inheritance Law clearly leaves the proof of who is or is not the next of kin, to the deceased Lawyer to prove. As the deceased Lawyer,the Law says l have the final say of who is the beneficiary of the deceased consighnment. This is 100% percent legal. As a lawyer I know this.As this will be a testimony for you and me if you make up your mind,for the claim. If you are interested in this proposal and you are ready to handle this proposal perfectly and with trust, then contact me at once,and we can work out the details, and the issue of your compensation. If you are not interested,and have found this email offensive or you think this is a scam,please do not reply. Regards,
Barrister Lawson Egomer.
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