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Tuesday, August 14, 2007


From: Steve Garang -

Dearest Friend, I am 19years child and my mother the widowed wife to former Sudanese First-Vice President John Garang are writing you this letter with the believe that you will be kind enough to come to our aid since the death of my father because My mother is the last wife to my father before his death. We are contacting you with an investment plan, which we want you to handle for us. We are ready and willing to invest the sum of $18.3 million dollars, which was left behind by my late father. Before his death he instructed the cash courier company where the funds are deposited in Ghana in an M.O.U (Memorandum of Understanding) to make sure we appoints a foreign investment manager who will manage this fund for us in a foreign country with a politically stable economy. We will be most grateful if you accept our investment proposal either in your company or as an individual. If you are willing to proceed with as our investment manager do feel free to contact us with your brief personal profile and other details on the business that you feel will be good enough for the investment funds. Please note that on you acceptance of this proposal your names shall be presented to the cash courier company officially as the beneficiary to the investment fund and we shall undertake a written Trust agreement where all parties will know what percentage will be taken as the investment produces profit. We hope for a favorable response to our mail. As more details will be provided to you on what we need to do to get this funds for the investment purpose in your country. My mother and I will also have to relocate to join you in your country.
For the confirmation of our facts please visit this web links:,
Best Wishes,
Mrs. Rebecca Garang.
Master Steve Garang

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