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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Could you be my confidant

From: Nelson Mansur -

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am Mr. Nelson D. Mansur , a Nigerian civil servant. We have not met
before, hence this unsolicited mail. Please do not think me presumptuous
despite the ugly stories about Nigerians in scam, I still seek to do
business that requires trust with you.

Every day unbelievable business proposals of various nature keep
streaming from my country to Europe, America, and Asia. These have caused a
lot of distrust because majority of people out there have lost huge sums of
money to the so-called scammers here. You will observe that this has been
going on for years despite the wide publicity, do you know why? Please, take
a closer look into newspaper publications on the happenings here, especially
among government officials. Then you will begin to have better understanding
of the numerous proposals tagged ''SCAM'', coming from supposed Nigerian
civil servants. ransactions that failed become scam and are widely
publicized while those that are successfully executed are hardly heard of.
Everyday we are being used against our wish to loot these monies.

Why have many transactions ended up as scams? It happens when the
executors of the deal disagree, or try to avert official charges, levies,
and taxes. I have thought of these before proposing to you, to be sure
anything I do with you will not end up as one of such. We must first
understand what is involved and agree before we can proceed. I really cannot
afford to gamble with this opportunity. We must observe all official
procedures to avoid the breach of any law, now and after the transactions.
Think about this and decide if you can form an official link with me so I
can pull some money at my disposal through the link. I want you to take your
time to look at the records of Nigerian civil servants, past and present.
Our leaders, through foreign contacts, have filled European Banks with large
sums of looted public funds while they keep shouting about corruption. For
example check these:

I need a serious-minded businessman or woman to carry out deals I have
carefully packaged through my office. Before anything else, I would like us
to draw up some kind of agreement and I want to know more about you. I will
also want you to funish me with your contact information and send it to (Name, contact
address, Telephone numbers) I have no intention of victimizing you. I hope
to make it an honorable lifetime relationship for your family and mine.

I look forward to receiving your support and cooperation.
Mr. Nelson D. Mansur