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Thursday, October 25, 2007

please help me with the name of almighty God

From: terry kalabi -


I must say it my pleasure to send you this email, Please pardon me if I have introduced on your privacy, how are you doing, I hope you are Doing fine, if so glory be to God,I am Terry and my sister name is Marian we are the children of the late Mr. Joseph Kalabi of Liberia, our parents was shot dead on April 17th 2003. In a cold Bloody Coup, me and my sister Marian where young then.

After our parent was killed, the only chance we heard was to run to Sudan where we have lived all this years, it all came to an existence That we could not feed so we decided to come down to the refugee camp Here in Ghana to enable us mix up with the refugees to make us live Like brothers and sisters.

Since we came to the camp the Ghana Government has been doing a very Great work by sending the refugees items to feed on, that is how we Have been surviving here in the camp.

While the Ghana Government sent The Executive Member of Attorney Income Movement of Ghana (AIM) to the refugee camp on assignment, so fortunately I saw my late father lawyer among them and he told me that they Came to the camp to search for the next of kin which their parent Deposited money in banks here in Ghana , my late fathers name was among The list of people that deposited money in one of these banks in Ghana

He said I should look for someone genuine and reliable person that Can stand as a father and as my late father foreign beneficiary so that Money can be transferred to him, because our parent said the money Should be kept for safekeeping and onward transfer. The lawyer also told me that in the time of the deposit of the funds my late father sign a contract bond with the bank not to release the funds to any of his family member without a foreign beneficiary that is the reason why I and my sister needed your assistance.

That is reason I have sent you this mail to ask you to stand in that Chances for us to enable (me and my sister) get our late father money Out of the security company (Bank).

Please the lawyer said I should not include the following;
1, The name of the Security company
2, The Amount involved.
3. Our camp ID cards
4. Lawyers contact.

The reason he said I should not include them is because of unGodly act that has Been carried out by those Fraudsters on internet because they may likely Use them for their unGodly acts.

Please I want you to stand in this chance so you can help us get this Money out of this bank, so you have to get back to me so that I can send You the (4) items not included in my mail to you for further Information and for good understanding.

N.B, you can write me via email:
It's important.
I hope to hear from you soon,

Terry Kalabi

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