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Sunday, September 16, 2007

I need your help

From: Julio Custudio -

Greetings ,I know this proposal will come to you as a surprise, But l to contact you from your country chamber of commerce company directory I believe you can stand as my beneficiary and do proper investment with these funds. I am JUlio Custudio from sierra Leone. I am the son of late Simeon Custudio the former Chairman / board of director of sierra Leone diamond milling cooperation. During the war in My country my father was shot by the rebels of Foday Sankoh of the capital city, free town.After his death, my mother an I ,escaped from the country to secure our lives. We are presently seeking Refuge in Cotonou,Benin Republic.As a result of my discrete search for a reliable foreign partner, i am delighted to find you Based on a profile conviction about your business experience in offshore investment program, Which was very impressive to me.I now decided to write to you now that i need your assistance to help me in investing The money i inherited from my late father .Before the death of my late father he handed over documents that where used in depositing the Sum of US$18,000,000 with a security company in Armstadam, Holland.Now that we are safe in Cotonou,Benin Republic, I was hoping that you will respond To my call and assist me in investing this money, because i need a professional assistance for proper investment.For your assistance and cooperation, i have decided to give to you, 35% of the total sum Involved and another 5% is mapped out for any miscellaneous expenses that we incur during the process Of transferring this money to your country.Moreover, there is risk free in this transaction.
The following steps will be needed in finalising this transaction.(1) the security company, Where the funds are been deposited will be the once to provide all the paperwork documentation, Including the certificate of origin in order to avoid money laundering charges by the receiving party. This is vital to avoid the money being seized by government Agencies on arrival at your bank accounts).. Also in view of the unfortunate incident At New York and Washington in America, it is vital that this money should not be seen as terrorist money or as being transferred to terrorists...(2) you will then go to Holland for a 2/3 day visit; on your arrival, for the signing of the final Release order. You will then take the money and lodge the money into a bank account in your name .(3) after the wiring of the money, i will travel with you to the banks location to collect my share of the money .(4) you will then help me to invest my share of the money (this is optional and you are not obliged to assist). If you are interested in helping me, please reply immediately, giving me your phone and fax numbers and i will give you further details. Please bear in mind that as far as you are concerned, this help is not illegal and we will not enter into illegalities at any stage of transfer, everything will be transparent and proper.Please get back to me by call or email me privately on as soon as you receive my message to enable me finalize with the security Company .I am presently in Cotonou,Benin Republic with my younger sister Tonia 20yrs and mother,they sends her regards. Best regardsJUlio Custudio
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