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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Can I trust you

From: Mrs Mariam Sankara -

My Dear ,

I know that this mail will come to you as a surprised since we have not seen each other before , but i know that after my praying you will not betray the turst i am about to repose on you. i am Mrs Mariam Sankara the wife of LATE MR James Sankara from liberia who was killed by the former
president Charles Taylor gunmen due to his political ambisions the evil president also gave order to confuscate all his assets encluding his bank accounts, since his death life has become miserable to our farmily, but we are lucky that he made fixe deposite of $18.3 million united states dollers
outside the country which i and my son Emmanuel has the document covering it .

i am soliciting for your help to provied a bank account where this fund will be transfed to and invested into a profited venture such as realestate , hotel business or gas station in your conutry . you will also help my son to get a resident visa to be in your counry with out any problem.

we have decided to compansate you with the sum of $2.3 million for any of your effort in getting things done for us . you will also save as the director of any exterblishment which will be done with part of this fund in your country. we are now as a refuge in a local hotel abidjan i will like
you to contact me and my son Emmanuel on this hotel room telephone number 00225 07824898 for more details about this transaction if you are honest and caperble in handling the transfer.

we are hoping to hear from your urgenty please .
thanks and god bless.
Mrs Mariam Sankara.

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