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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Dear Friend

From: frank afobi -

Dear Friend,
I am Mr Frank Afobi branch Manager of a Bank in Lagos Nigeria.I am contacting you to assist in the claim of some outstanding sum of money which was left by one of my very good clients who died in a AF4590 plane crash on his way to america after he left Nigeria to germany for business.
This client Christian Eich was an engineer with one of the foremost construction firms here in Nigeria. He left no known next of kin and all our attempts to trace someone related to him to whom we could pay themoney proved abbortive. I have now personally decided to contact you to stand on behalf of the family so I can present you as his next of kin using my influence as a Manager of this bank.
The amount involved is USD11 million (Eleven million United States Dollars) which is the account balance.You can view the website for more details on the death of the man I contacted you because it is against our code of ethics to own and operate a foreign accounts and your assistance would be needed to claim the money .I have agreed that 30% of the entire sum would be for you if you agree to take part in this profitable transaction,65% for me while the remaining 5% would be used to pay back the expenses that may be incurred during the course of the transaction by both parties after the fund has been claimed as the next of kin.
You should send me the following information:
Upon the receipt of the above information I shall send you more details.
I look forward to hearing from you asap.
Yours faithfully,
Mr. Frank Afobi. +23480 54171394
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