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Tuesday, October 16, 2007


From: rita donald -

From : Rita Donald

Dear One,

I am Rita Donald the only Daughte of Mr&Mrs Donald Ukata of Magburaka distrct of Sierra father was a wealthy traditional royal chief who died as a result of his refusal to sponsor or take sides with the warring parties in my country. on the heat of the crises my father made arrengement for my mother, me and my brother to take refuge in Abidjan Cote`d Ivoire ,he choose to stay behind due to his belief and it cost him his life.

Ever since we left freetown my country`s capital life has
not been the same. Recently my mother got very ill on her
sick bed she revealed to me that 8.5 Million dollars was
deposited in a bank on my behalf .

I have gone to the bank to claim the money but I was told by the bank manager that though the moneybelongs to me only my father`s foreign partner who my father entrusted with the power to oversee my welfare and
invest on my behalf can have appropiate access untill l
have good business knowledge.

Please,l want you to be my father`s recommended foreign
partner as to enable me transfer this money to you
country,your helping me will solve my surffrings and that
of my brother.I will also like to live and school in your
country,If you oblige to help we are willing to give you 15 Percent of the money.please write back on your indication of your interest to help me then l will give you every details and information on my disposal for the
transfer.looking forward to hear from you.

1. Your Full Names.....................

2. Your Full ContactAddress............

3. State/Country.......................

4. Your Phone/Fax Numbers..............

5. Company Name If Any.................

6. Age..............................

Best Regards

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