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Wednesday, October 24, 2007


From: dave okeke -

Dear sir, How are you? I got your profile through a close confidant here in your Embassy. I am Barrister Okeke, a legal adviser to Mrs. Williams, a wife to Mr. Williams, who was a governorship aspirant under the Peoples Democratic Party ( PDP ) in Lagos State of Nigeria until his death in 2006 by unknown assassins. This man left so much money behind as a front line politician.
Now the government of the rulling party is raising an eye brawn over this money to confiscate it and also threatening the life of this woman and that of the children hence we are soliciting for your kind assistant to move this money out immediately and also help this family for resident permit there in your country if the fund is finally transferred.
Please, if you can receive this money and we can invest it in properties in your country, kindly indicate your interest by sending the following information:-
1, Your full name ( The name you want us to use in the transaction ).
2, Your company's name and address.
3, Your country of origin.
4, Your telephone,fax/cell numbers.
These information will be forwarded to the bank where the money is lodged to facilitate the transfer and proper identification.
Thank you as we look forward to your kind response in earnest.
Dave Okeke.
Barrister ( Lagos Bar )
Tel: 234-806-04-4551.

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