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Tuesday, August 21, 2007


From: j alex -

From: Assistant Director
International Remittance Department
ABSA Bank Limited
South Africa.



I would like to start by introducing myself as Mr. Johnson Alex, the
Assistant Director of the above-mentioned department in the ABSA Bank of
South Africa. I have been directed to contact you urgently on a very
important confidential deal, which needs immediate attention. The
decision to contact you was based on the fact that we trust your capability
to receive on our behalf a sum of US$22,000,000.00 (Twenty Two Million
United States Dollars).

This sum in question was a credit balance of a Foreigner, an oil
Merchant/Contractor, a Geologist by profession and a Miner at KRUGER GOLD
COMPANY LTD who died since AUGUST 6, 1997 in [Korean Air Flight 801] with
the whole passengers onboard. And for your perusal you can view this
web site:

credit was held with our banks here in South Africa and the Director of
Account/Operations approached us since he cannot transfer this fund alone
without going through us (i.e. The International Remittance

With our position and experience, we have worked out the modalities in
such a way that the transaction will take seven bank working days to
accomplish. On the receipt of your approvals, I will be in a very good
position to give you details on the agreed sharing ratio.

This may come as a surprise to you but as we progress, I will be able
to explain to you how I got your contact. Meanwhile, we are 100%
positive that you can handle this therefore, contact me on +27- 7816 17110.
Or E-mail: ,or as soon
as you receive this urgent message.

I am anticipating your urgent response while thanking you in advance
for your understanding and co-operation.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Johnson Alex.

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