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Sunday, August 26, 2007


From: Prof Charles Soludo -

Good day friend,

I am Prof.Charles Soludo the governor of Central Bank
of Nigeria(CBN)here in Nigeria. I know you must be
very surprised to receive this mail from
virtually an unknown person, well there is nothing to
worry about as we have been joined for a purpose if
only you can assure me of your sincerity and
transparency as I intend to carry out a neat and risk
free deal which shall benefit both of us if we
cooperate and put all hands on desk.

Now, I am contacting you for a business deal that
involves a huge amount of money,eighty five Million(
$85 Million USD ONLY) belonging to one of
our late foreign customer who worked with an oil firm
(company) here in Nigeria who unfortunately died
alongside with his entire family on Monday, 31
July 2000 in a plane crash in Paris. Please visit this
site to view the ugly

So,I will like to use and present you as the next of
kin of this latecustomers estate and ship the
consignment through diplomatic means or bank to
bank to you and both of us shall share the money
60/40%,(% 60 for me while you have %40), I will prefer
this than putting this huge fund into the treasury of
the federal government of Nigeria.

Following the above incident, I have sought his
extended family relatives through his Embassy but all
to no avail but what actually ignited me to seek
your assistance was the fact that his lawyer here
wanted to play a fast one as soon as he realised the
death of his client by coming to CBN where this man
had a deposit of the above mentioned amount to put
claim of the late man's estate with some fictitious or
forged documents but unfortunately for him,he
was caught and detained at my command.

I will release the full information to you as soon as
you indicate your full interest and commtttment by
sending to me your full contact information
as well as your telephone number and feel free to
contact me via my private
email address.

Please note your urgent response will be highly
appreciated as this
will enable me know the next line of action.

Bless you.
Charles Soludo.
(Governor CBN)

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