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Monday, September 17, 2007


From: Tillson Arthur Roy -

Business Proposal,
It is with great hope of cooperation and mutual interest that I decide to write you, I think with mutual cooperation, honesty and understanding we will reach a mutual goal.
Let me introduce my self, I am Mr. Tillson Arthur Roy,a lawyer practicing with Roy chamber, a law firm based in United Kingdon, London.
After reviewing your profile and found it fit to be put forward, this of course after due consultation with you and upon the full assurance of your cooperation with me in this proposition.
I have a client of mine who died in August 2004, in London, in a motor car accident, I was contacted by his bank informing me as his lawyer  to contact his next of kin to present him self in order to inherit the estate left over by my late client.
After being contacted by the bank and after numerous failed attempt to get any member of his family, since he did not leave any written will or forwarding address with me, I decided to contact you as you have the same surname as my deceased client, and that we could cooperate together in the distribution of the fund that is left in my deceased client’s bank account.
This account is at the stage of being declare dormant and un-serviceable by the holding bank as there were no transaction in this account for the past three (3) years, which is the legal duration period to declare so by any bank in London, as indicated by the banking and finance law of London, you should bear in mind that there was no indicated next of kin or beneficiary of the fund in the bank account.
The total amount in the bank account of my deceased client is U.S $24.7 Million, (Twenty Four million, seven hundred thousand) United States Dollar only.
The bank has issued me a notification to contact my client next of kin in order to re-activate this account or make claim as the beneficiary of the fund in the account, the claim should be made with in a specified period of time as indicated by the bank, this fund is in an escrow account which makes it  a liability to the bank, as they continue to pay interest to the fund with out trading it, based on this condition they either want the next of kin to either re-activate or claim the account with in a specified period of time of which passed, they will  obtain a court order and declare it dormant.
Instead of loosing this fund, I decided to contact you and make this initiative to enable us claim this fund.
My proposal to you is to seek your consent to present you as my late client next of kin and sole beneficiary of his estate since you have the same surname as his.
This means the proceeds of this bank account will be paid to you as his next of kin and bonafide beneficiary, after the proceeds is paid to you we will share it up on an agreed percentage of 60 % to me and 40% to your kin self.
All the legal document and procedure for us to achieve this mutual goal will be carried out by me, since I have a good knowledge of my country legal proceedings.
What I need from you is your cooperation, honesty and understanding with which we will achieve this mutual goal.
Let me assure you that all the procedure will follow  legitimate and legal procedure  as indicated by London law,  as this transaction will depend also to my ability to follow all this procedure to the letter and to insure that this transaction is done in all transparency between us.
I humbly apologies to you and whom ever it may concern should this proposal offends your moral and ethic values but, please reply urgently if you are interested to work with me in achieving this mutual goal.
 For Security reasons, please reply to my personal Email address:
Yours sincerely,
Tillson Arthur Roy