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Monday, September 17, 2007


From: Kirk Philips -

22b Crescent Ngbadaga Estate
Lagos. Nigeria.

Good day

Dear friend,

With warm heart I offer my friendship, and greetings, and I hope this mail meets you in good time. however strange or surprising this contact might seem to you, as we have not met personally or had any dealings in the past, I humbly ask that you take due consideration of its importance and immense benefit. I must apologize to you for using this medium to communicate to you about this project. I am looking for reliable and capable foreigner that will/can help me handle this transaction with confidentiality because this is a transfer of huge sum of money (USD$8.5million

I am Mr. Kirk Philips, an African born Nigerian citizen, and I am the personal Manager to late Engineer Wilkinson La Rue Neil, a foreign nationality, who used to work with Chevron Oil Nigeria plc, our late customer/client late Engineer Wilkinson La Rue Neil was involved in a ghastly motor accident with his family during which
he lost his life with his wife and two children.

Unfortunately, since we got the information about his sudden death, and the ugly incident that occurred, the management of these honorable chambers has made several enquiries on locating any of his extended relatives who can stand as his next of
kin to inherit/claim an estate (USD$8.5m dollars) he left behind in custody of global security & finance courier service company, but all our efforts also proved unsuccessful and yielded no good results.

Now as the personal Manager to the deceased (late Engineer Wilkinson La Rue Neil),I also made enquiries locating a possible next of kin to my deceased client through their embassy here in Nigeria, but all to no avail, now, what I actually want to do is to present you to the global security & finance courier service company as the next of kin to the deceased (late Engineer Wilkinson La Rue Neil) to enable us place claim on his deposited total sum of (USD$8.500.000.00) he deposited in a good security company for safe keeping before his untimely death and I am contacting you to assist in repatriating/claiming the stated sum he left behind before the global security & finance courier service company get the funds confiscated or declared unserviceable by the company. this intension becomes very urgent due to the fact that the banking laws and policy here in Nigeria stipulates and provides that if such funds remains unclaimed after five to eight (5-8) years, that company is legally empowered to freeze such account and the funds transferred into the federal reserve account as unclaimed fund. Recently the paying company (global security & finance courier Service Company) issued a notice of confiscation, as the account had remained unserviceable since 2003, I was subsequently given a mandate of 21 official working days to produce a next of kin to the deceased or consider the account frozen.

Due to time wasting and the fact that I was unsuccessful in locating any relative to my client (late Engineer Wilkinson La Rue Neil). I then wish to seek your consent to present you as the next of kin to the deceased (late Engineer Wilkinson La Rue Neil), so that the procedures of this deposited account valued at USD$8.500.000.00(eight million five hundred thousand united states of American dollars) can be released/deliver as an international certified bank draft to your door step in any where in the world you may desire, for our own general mutual benefit instead of allowing his sweat get lost in the global security & finance courier service company, and be informed that i have in my possession all necessary information/evidence that we shall require to back-up our claims.

I shall furnish you with further details as soon as you have indicated your interest to render the desired assistance. Bear in mine that 50% of the fund (USD$8.5m) is for me, why 40% is for you and 10% is for tax and other things that will come up during the transaction.

If you approve of this, forward to me the followings:-
1. Your contacts address
2. Your full names
3. Your private telephone numbers/mobile
4. Your occupation/status
5. Your marital status
6. Your age
7. Your International passport
8. Your Drivers' License.

All these will enable me fill in your names as the global security & finance courier Service Company will require all this from you in future to enable us commence actions on this deal instantly. Your genuine honest cooperation is required to enable us achieve this purpose. i guarantee you that the entire transaction will be executed under a legitimate arrangement of time.

I await your urgent response by mail for more discussion.


NOTE:- if you know that you are not capable of handling a transaction like this,please do not bother replying or writing me back, but if you think you and I can workout this on our own as partners, please i am waiting to hear from you. since i have evidence that we need to courier these funds as a bank draft or as an automated teller Machine (ATM Card) from Central Bank of Nigeria to your door step in anywhere in the world you may choose ok.

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