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Monday, September 17, 2007

from mrs theresa coleman

From: theresa coleman -

Dear One
my name is Mrs. Theresa Coleman, 35 years, a citizen of Sierra - Leone , wife of late Fidelix Coleman, who before his death was the person managing the Sierra - Leone Gold and Diamond Corporation ( SGDC ). I hope you are aware of the war which has ravaged my country for the past years now . It was in one of this attacks by the rebels that led to the death of my husband and three of my children, I was terrified of the situation and because of this I escaped from Sierra - Leone Cote D' Iviore into a refugee camp but before my husbands death after he returned from his trip to Cote d' Ivoire he told me that he deposited the total sum of U.S$12.5 million In a Finance Firm in Cote d' Ivoire,right now I have communicated with the finance firm in Cote d' Ivoire and I have told them my intention of inviting my late husband's foreign partner who will come for the release and transfer of the funds down to his country. Please I will like you to treat this matter with topmost urgency andconfidentially because of my late husband personality as I don't want it exposed. I will wait for your very urgent response so that I can furnish you with all details involved. I will offer you 20% for your assistance in this particular transaction.and also as soon as I hear from you I will forward their contact details and any other informations you might need. Please do forward the following to me to show your acceptance. Your full name.Direct tel and fax numbers.Home and Office address.
I wait your urgent response. Mrs.Theresa Coleman
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