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Monday, September 10, 2007

FromBrightMary Kamara

From: bright kamara -

From:Bright/Mary Kamara Dear Sir/Madam May this mail find happiness and peace in your life.I am Bright and my younger sister called Mary Kamara of the same parents from Sierre-Leone country .we lost both our parents and our late father Chief Vincent R. Kamara made a a fixed deposit and the amount is USD17M dollars in a bank at Abidjan Cote d'Ivoire. We are presently in Abidjan where the money was been deposited and I have the documents backing up the money at the bank for your claims and our late father told us incase if he died that we should look for someone who has a legitimate bank account abroad to help us claim the money as we are young ones.We believe you as an advanced person that you will not betray the trust we impose on you at the end of the transfer into your personal bank account.Please we need you to send to us the followings, 1.your full Name.2.Your private phone and fax number3.Your banking information All this i will submit to the bank for the transfer of the money to your bank account which you are going to send. Bear in mind that this transaction remains confindential to yourself alone.Based on this we contacted you for an assistance, since we are the executors of our fathers will, So we can front you as the beneficiary of the deposited money USD$17M to the bank to enable you contact them to make the transfer into the account you are going to nominate. Please write us immediately after you must have gone through my message fill free and make it urgent. That is the reason why I offered you 15 % of the total money amount, and in case of any other necessary expenses you might incure, I am resolving to give you an addition of 2% during this transaction. Thanks and remaine bless.Waiting for your reply.Yours sincerely.Bright/Mary Kamara
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