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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Letter of enquiry on inheritance payment Bank of England BOE

From: Mr Mervyn King -

Bank of England (BO.E).
Bank of England
Threadneedle Street London EC2R 8AH
Tel: +44 702 407 0517
Fax: +44 700 598 0234

Attn: Beneficiary,

Letter of enquiry on inheritance payment.

We write to enquire from you if you have sent somebody from Switzerland Mr. Schemirlat and some of your representative to the Bank of England (B.O.E) to make claim on your behalf today at about 10.07 E.S.T Central London time, Mr. Schemirlat and your Representative came to the bank saying that you have sent them to make claim on your behalf on your inheritance fund.

I initially instructed for the release of the fund to them as they came with all obligatory documents, But On cross checking your contract file, I discovered that the bank account number they presented was different from your own bank account and the Beneficiary of the account they brought is changori and changori that's make us to suspect them, this is a serious matter in the bank now and we Have Given a mandate to release this fund to you by the presidency.

Now we have requested them to forward a power of attorney from you, Informing the Bank of England (B.O.E) of the change in account Number. This they could not produce immediately. I have asked them to come back In two days time, this is to enable us contact you and verify how genuine these people are to you, though they promised to produce the power of Attorney on their next visit to the bank.I have deemed it necessary to contact you and ascertain the true Position in Other to avoid
remitting these funds into a wrong account. Could you please contact? The Undersigned through the mail; to confirm matters before we start taking Legal action, but if they are from you, kindly give them the power of Attorney for the payment of the inheritance funds into the Switzerland Account (UBS) AG banking Switzerland.

You should note that by the authorities of the presidency, and in line with the enabling decree of 512 "a" in consultation with the relevant bodies; the Bank of England (B.O.E), the national economic intelligence committee (NEIC) and the Federal Ministry of finance (FMF).We have resolved that all overdue inheritance and contract payments be released this quarter in absolute obedience to the I.M.F and World Bank Mandatory conditional ties of service to our foreign capital debts.

Based on this, this office has been mandated by the presidency to handle all Payments Due to foreign inheritance and contract. You should therefore disregard any Correspondence that you may have or may come to you from any other person or department. Please assist us to expedite action and get back to me immediately you receive this mail now.

You can call me on my direct Line + 44 703 191 3086 and my private

I am waiting for your prompt response and Co-operation.

Yours faithfully,

For: Bank of England (B.O.E).
Mr Mervyn King.