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Saturday, September 08, 2007


From: isoQMrChristainAlabi -

From The Desk of Christain Alabi
From Foreign Remittance Dept of
Global Bank Plc,
Corporate Office.
136, Adeola Odeku Road,
Victoria Island.

Attn: Friend

Best compliment of the day. My name is Mr Christain Alabi,
from foreign remittance dept of Global Bank Plc, branch
section, in charge of credit and foreign bills of one of the
Global Bank Plc. However.

I am writing in respect of a foreign customer of my Bank
Engr. Barry Peter, who perished with his whole family of
wife and 2 kids along with 111 others, in Benin plane crash
on December 26th 2003.There is an account opened in this
Bank in 2003 with account number ats1022002-109 by this
great late industrialist who died in the plane crash without
a written or oral "will" attached to his account.

I am the account manager to the late industrialist and I
personally have watched with keen interest to see the next
of kin since his death in 2003. This has proved abortive as
no one has come up to claim his funds hence there is no next
of kin or "will" attached to the account. As a banker to the
deceased, I am capable of transferring the credit balance of
the late industrialist's account to any foreign bank account
of my choice since I have the certificate of deposit for the
smooth transfer.

The total amount involved is (us$30m million United States
dollars). However, I need a foreign partner who will act as
the next of kin and beneficiary to the industrialist and
provide a reliable offshore bank account where we can
transfer the (us$30m million united states dollars). I have
already done all the necessary ground works for the smooth
transfer of the funds. However, I need you to act as the
next of kin to the deceased.

Since I have the certificate of deposit that can be used to
back up any claim we may make for the smooth transfer, the
moment I receive your positive response, it will take us
less than 7 banking days to transfer the money into your
account. For your assistance and co-operation, you will take
40%, 50% to me, while 10% should be for expenses or tax as
your government may require of the entire (us$30m million
united states dollars), all I require is your honest
co-operation to enable us see this deal through.

Upon the receipt of your positive response, I shall forward
to you a text of application, which you will send to the
bank for claim; I shall also send the certificate of deposit
to you,
Global Bank has Two options of payment which are:

(1) Swift Telegraphic transfer
(2) By Bank Certified Cheque
If you Choose payment by Cheque (check) then you need not
send your Bank info.

Thank you as I await your Immediate Reply.
Gratefully treat as urgent

Christain Alabi.

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