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Saturday, September 08, 2007



Hello My dear,

My name is Mrs. Margret Jones, a widow from Cote D'Iviore. Am 54 years old and without a child.

Am sorry to bother you with my pains and vision for the poor. But i can't keep quiet because i have a strong feelings am going to die soon through this cancer diseases as indicated by my doctor three days ago.

Am writing you from my sick bed, right here in the hospital, i lost my husband two years ago, but before he died we both had a vision for the poor to be a blessing to them.

After my husband's death, i tried to fulfill this vision we had together but it did not work out well as i wished because i have tried several times giving out money to people, family members and organization for the well being of the poor here and in other countries but i later found out that they never used it for the poor as i planned, rather they end up using it for their own personal use.

This has caused me great pains in my heart and health.

I don't know if i can TRUST you as i have been praying over this issue for the past one month, to entrust this huge amount of money or fund in your hands for the welfare of the poor and other rightful charity homes which you know.

But if for any reason you find my mail offensive, you can ignore it and please accept my apology.

I will not tell you how much i will send to you for this vision which i have for the poor, until i find great TRUST in you. But i know am sending you a huge amount of money in dollars.

As soon as i find trust and hope in you, that you will not act like the other people and organization whom i gave money and failed, then i will instruct AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK where this fund is lodged by my late husband, to effect wire transferred of the fund to you as my NEXT OF KIN to carry out this great vision of mine.

I hope you wont disappoint me now and even after my death concerning this vision am handing over to you.

Kindly indicate your interest to my mail by sending me the following details below, to enable me forward it to the bank for the first wire transfer of fund to you, to enable you start this project.

2, AGE

Once more, i want you to assure me that you can handle this vision which am entrusting in your hands, as soon as this fund is been transferred to you, so that when I die my soul will rest in peace.

May God bless you as i look forward to hear from you soonest.

Yours faithfully,Mrs. Margret Jones

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