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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Crude Oil Deal

From: Briggs Oil Services -

Hello,I am Douglas Briggs, Oil rig engineer, Shell BP Oil Company PLC. I made Forty million dollars already from the sale of crude oil. Due to the nature of my work, and the continuity of the business, the handling of this business alone weighs down on me. So, I need a God fearring partner in this business. Someone, whom i can entrust my money in his hands without any cause for regrets. You shall receive 20% of the total sum for each deal.i,ll try to explain as much as i can in this mail. The money Forty million has been realised from the sale of crude oil. And more will be realised in future sales. Due to my busy schedule at the rig, i hardly come to mainland. AT times, i spend more than four months in the rig, in the middle of the ocean and the creeks during oil exploration and geological work. Thus, my other responsibilities suffer, even though it is the work i have committed my whole life to. It is painful when one amasses so much but has virtually not time for investment.Meanwhile, i have collaborated with some indigenous engineers and senior staff of our company and together, we handle an oil bloc, do trade in crude oil, bunkerring and other deals which yield so much money, but unfortunately, i am not available to monitor the sale and proper handling of the monies accruing from the sales. Due to my busy schedule, i hardly have time to supervise the routing and proper investment of the money. So, i decided to lodge my share of the money into the Vault of a Security company called 'SGS Magnum Security Company'. however, for the sake of funds security, i have employed the services of funds chemists who defaced and disguised the money before it was lodged at the security vault. This is to avoid theft and tamper by the security company staff. The disguised money was deposited into their vault via consignment number: MSTI/XXC/009876/02. I did so to enable me sometime to find a trusted patner who will help receive the funds in cash and be able to lodge them bit by bit into the bank for onward patnership investment inTO some good business. We shall start with US$40million. My intentions: I have plans of investing into the garment industry and real estate, and if our oil deals succeed more, we shall plan towards building a refinery in your country. You will be useful to me in this respect. If we could have the money sent over to your normal active account, we shall then draw a plan for investment partnership, so that as funds trickle in, we shall spread our investments into biulding a mini refinery somewhere. I can only achieve these if i have a God-fearing partner. I want you to indicate your interest and i will tell you more on the way forward. Hoping to read from you promptly.Regards,Douglas Briggs
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