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Thursday, October 11, 2007

From Tabita George

From: tabita george -

From :Tabita George,
Dearest One,

I come by this mall to entrust a subject to you which is expensive to me and confidentiel. I have a proposal to make you ; of this fact I make a point of explaining you the nature of my problme.I frankly do not make a point of obtaining a help on condition or to oblige you to help me for some or unspecified reason. I make a point of saying to you that nothing obliges you to honour this business, but if God carries out my wishes and that you help me to regulate my problem.

I am Tabita George and I am 22 years old and I am the only girl of Mrs and Mr. George Hassan, I live Actuellement in Cte.d'ivoire in Abidjan. My father was honourable Walking of Diamond Gross collected on mines extractions and also actuated in the trade of the coffee and the Cocoa in the economic capital of the ivory coast (cote d'ivoire) dimension and on the zone of West Africa.

My mother died when I was a baby and since then my father took to me so special. Before the death of my father October 16 2005 in a hospital deprived here in Abidjan it secretly called me on its side of bed and it explained me that it deposited the sum of Ten million dollars (the USA $ 10,000,000,00) in an agency of security here in Abidjan and had named me Hritire. he was assassinated by the unknown people during this war in ivory coast (cte.d'ivoire) . Now I decided to invest the these money in your country or anywhere rather sure Africa outside for the political safety and reasons.

I ask for Your humble comprehension and for your wisdom, to help me to transfer this money into your personal account in your country for goal of investment on these sectors and i shall come over to meet you and continue my education:
1) Telecommunication
2) industry and Transport
3) hotel 5 toiles
4) immobilier
I requires of you this help with all the fear and certain doubts for this reason I would like that you answer me sincerely and that you tell me if you tighten in the possibility of helping me to regulate my problem with your sincerity and your honesty.

I waiting to hear from you without negative answer badly, also i need the offer of your assistance from the bottom of the heart.
Please consider this and give me an honest and sincere answer.
God bless you.I await your response to soon.

Miss Tabita George,

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