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Monday, March 12, 2007


From: Barrister.. Ben Chukwueze -

>From the Desk of :Barrister. Ben Chukwueze


Following report reaching us from the awarding Ministries regarding your contract /inheriatance claim which has not been settled, prior to this report and consequent with the coming of America President (George Bush) /World Bank/Imf has mandated our President to settle all outstanding contract/Inheritance payment owned to various contractors in a bid to redeem the image of this country. In view to this, the president has called the attention of various ministerial parastatals not to award new contract, until it is assured that all already awarded and executed contract /Inheritance are paid to their respective beneficiaries by this Apex Bank Central Bank of Nigeria(CBN). In any case, we hope that you will not turn down this offer or ignore this opportunity to receiving your long overdue payment. Well, I know it may be hard to believe at this stage, considering your sad experiences in the past, which the concerned authorities responsible for the release of your payment misleade
d you and also mishandled your file thereby letting out some useful informations to the public. This explains why you receive faxes and calls from different people across the globe promising to assist you. Even the people that you are dealing with now, are misleading you under the pretense of rendering all needed assistance aimed at releasing your claim. From all observations, I believe that you must have lost trust on whom to believe that is genuine regarding the faxes/E mails and calls you have been receiving.

Anyway, we do not leave in the past but rather learn a lesson from the events that happened in the past. I have been monitoring the stress which both foreign & local contractors underwent and want you to believe in my revelation which can only come to pass if you can be wise enough to known that you were taken for a very long ride by those fake crooks that personate themselves as Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Professor Charles Soludo, several Accountant General of the Federation, Attorneys / Barristers, Offshore Officials from across the globe etc, which we have forward the list of names sent by foreign contractor (like you) to us to the Presidential Task Force on Fraud Malpractice for appropriate action to be taking on them. Well, with my position presently I will by-pass certain official bureaucracy to make sure that your fund are signed out for payment from the various awarding Ministries without further delays.

Finally, be informed that my negotiable services of 5% will pay to me upon receipt of your fund in any nominated bank account of yours. Please call me if my assistance is needed or send me your letter of interest on my e-mail..
Also do reconfirm your contract /inheritance details, direct telephone and fax number where you can be reached easily. I believe that your nightmare will be over if you are ready to adhere to my advice on the way forward in
retrieving this payment.
Yours faithfully.
Barrister.. Ben Chukwueze