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Monday, March 12, 2007

Please Reply Asap

From: lilian west -

Beloved in Christ,

My name is Lilian West, daughter of oldest and longest
serving mayor of SYDNEY here in Australia, Michael
West who died last year march at the age of 80.
Until his death, he was the MD of the Australian
Telecommunication Plc. I am 52 year old disabled and
adopted daughter of Michael West. I have been
denied my right of the share of my late father's
properties by my half brothers due to the fact that
I am disabled and as well an adopted daughter.

Before the death of my father last march, He handed
me over all papers relating to the sum of $2.8
million he deposited with a UK Security Finance firm
in my name. I Have contacted the Finance firm in UK
they assured me the safty of my funds and ready to
comply with what ever I ask them to do with the funds.

I have so much passion for the helpless disabled,
orphans and the poor in our society all over the
world today in which I am one of them, as a result of
these, I have decided to donate this $2.8 million to
charity. If you know that you are honest and sincere
in your heart to use this funds for this above
mentioned reason, please kindly contact me back with
TELEPHONE NUMBER so that I can direct my our Finance
firm in UK to release the $2.8 to you for you to
set-up a charity organization in your area in my name
and use the funds to reach out to the destitutes, the
disabled the poor and the helpless orphans in your
community. Also you will have 10% percent of the
total fund to yourself to enable you run this
charity organization effectively. This is my
fulfillment to a promise I made to God 19 years ago
after I got myself involve in auto crash that left
me disabled today.

Will be wating for your immediate Response,

Remain Bless,

Lilian West.

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