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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Be our Guidian

From: Miss Myram Dafinone David -

Miss Myram Dafinone DavidEgbemas Rue c/583Cotonou Benin republic.

My Dear, It is my pleasure to contact you for a business venture which I and my family intend to establish in your country, Though we have not met together before but I believe, One has to take the risk of confiding to one another for success in life. I am Miss Myram Dafinone David, I m' the daughter of late Dafinone David, Who died after he was badly tortured by the Security agent of the past Government of our country, Republic of Cote D' Ivoire for honoring the invitation dinner by the French Ambassador with his two colleagues, after the dinner, they were arrested by the security agent of present regime and was accused of being traitors to their motherland knowing the political problems between Cote D'Ivoire and France. My father knowing he won't survive, He called my mother on his dying bed and instructed her to leave our home and move to Benin in their refugee camp were our life can be save as our home is no longer safe for us and immediately he directed her to go to the safe in his private room to get one envelope for him before she could come to the hospital with the envelope she met the doctor crying telling her that our daddy has passed away and leaving instruction on what to do with envelope. Thirty Nine million U.S Dollars ($39,000,000.00) which my late Husband kept for his family investment with a Security Company in Benin during one of his acompanying visit to Cotonou Benin Republic before hid death.
Now my mother could not survive the shock as she was stroked down, I and my junior have decided to invest this money in your country where it is safer enough outside Africa and her politicies for security and political reasons. We want you to help us retrieve this fund from the Security Company and transfer it into your personal account in your country for investment purposes on these areas: 1). Texitile industries. 2). Agro industrial firms. 3). Five star hotel. 4). Commercial investment fields. Please my dear, am seeking your help in the following ways.
1. To serve as our guardian to this investment as soon as this fund is transfered into your country and helps us for investment.
2. To make arrangement for us to come over to your country to further our education and to secure a presidential settling for us in your country. Moreover, My dear, I have discuss with the rest of our family since my mother later give up the ghost after (5) months and a lawyer here in Benin who have decided to offer a helping hand as we are allien here and you as our foreign partner we offer you 5% of the total sum as compensation for your effort after the fund is transferred in your Country. Thanks Best Regard Myram Dafinone D. for FamilyE-mail:

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