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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Business RelationshipInvestment

From: Mr Pai Wei -

Mr Pai Wei
Bank of America Securities
Wealth Assets and Investment Managers
Private email:

Important Notice,

My name is Mr.Pai Wei an asset management consultant and Credit officer of
the bank of America securities Swiss office(Asset and investment Management
subsidiary of Bank of America) .I am writing in respect of a Switzerland
British Citizen customer of my Company Mr. Ratnavale Victor, dual citizen of
Switzerland and Britain, who died together with his wife (Ratnavale Joyce) in
a Plane crash on Monday 7th September 1998 GMT 14:22 UK while they were
flying from New York to Geneva.

Please see for more information.

The late Mr. Victor Ratnavale left in our bank the sum of sixteen million
five hundred thousand pounds (£16.5 million pounds) and nobody will ever come
for this money because he died with his entire family. I am the only person
that is aware of this money since Mr. Victor Ratnavale did not give to my
bank any next of kin to inherit his money. Now, I want to use my position in
the bank to transfer this money to your country for investment. If you agree
to work with me by providing an account and necessary logistics on your side
to receive the money. I will give you 35% of this entire fund while the
remaining 60% shall be for me, extra 5% will be for necessary legal and
miscellaneous charges. I am hoping to get a favorable response from you after
which I will furnish you with other necessary information on how to proceed
as well as my telephone number for further communication.

Yours Faithfully,

Mr Pai wei

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