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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Attention FriendImmediate Response

From: miss marina makukha -

Dear Friend,
I know this is an unconventional way of introducing a business, but if you can take your time to
read my letter carefully, you will understand the necessity for my action. I am Marina Makukha.
I got your email address from the Russia Ministry of Commerce Directory. I have a profiling
amount in an excess of $26.5M (Twenty Six Million, Five Hundred Thousand United States
Dollars) which I seek your partnership in accommodating for me.
INTRODUCTION OF MY SELF:I am Miss Marina Makukha, a personal secretary to Mikhail Khodorkovsky the richest man in
Russia and owner of the following companies: Chairman CEO: YUKOS OIL (Russian Most Largest
Oil Company) Chairman CEO: Menatep SBP Bank (A reputable financial institution with its
branches all over the world).
SOURCE OF FUNDS:The documents of the above funds in question was handed over to me to be used in payment of
an American oil merchant for his last oil deal with my boss Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Already the
funds have been deposited some where in the United Kingdom (undisclosed for now), where the
final crediting is expected to be carried out. While I was on the process, My Boss got arrested
for his involvement on politics in financing the leading and opposing political parties You can
catch more of the story on this
YOUR ROLE:All I need from you is to stand as the beneficiary of the above quoted sum and I will arrange
for the documentation which will enable transfer of the sum to you. You will be rewarded with
30%, 5% has been mapped out for any expenses that might occur during the transaction While
15% will be spent on taxes in your country. I have decided to use my share of this transaction to
relocate to American continent and invest on the Real Estate Venture. The transaction has to be
concluded in less than 2 weeks. As soon as I get your willingness to comply through my most
private email address: [] , I will give you more details and sites
that will enable you find out more about the transaction.
Thank you very much
Miss Marina Makukha
Note: Please all message should be forwarded to my private E-mail at
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