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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Business Proposal


Barrister Solomon TettehSolomon Tetteh & AssociatesSolicitors and advocates of the supreme courtOrganizational representatives and notary public,Accredited bank attorneys.3rd Floor, Kojo Bruce House,Okai Mensah Link,Adabraka Accra Ghana.Tel:+233-27-4138871Fax:+233-28-765456

Dear ,
I am Barrister Solomon Tetteh .I was contacted by Mrs Margret Kotey,who is a widow with her son to assist them source for a buyer of their gold or an agent and i think this business proposal might interest you.
Mrs Margret Kotey`s husband was assassinated by political opponent because he sponsors the opposition party in the present government in Ghana.Chief Kotey was a local gold miner before his death.The government ministry in-charge of natural resource and gold mines have recently seized the gold-mine license of the kotey`s family placing some allegations.
This issue have affected the financial situation and security of this widow and she want to relocate with her family to any good country abroad. Their only hope to relocate is 145 kilogram of gold dust the late husband kept in a security company before his death.The government normally buys the gold dust from the local miners at a cheap price.Mrs Margret Kotey does not want to send the 145kg of gold dust to the government to buy from her because she is afraid and does not know exactly who is behind all their misfortunes.
Mrs Margret Kotey therefore contacted this lawyer in confidence to assist her find a foreign person or company who will take the gold abroad and sell it for them.The buyer is expected to pay about 15% of the total cost of the gold before taking it abroad.The 15% down payment will enable the family relocate abroad as soon as possible.The price of the gold will be very reasonable and cheap to enable the buyer sell it quickly and return the balance to the family.
Mrs Margret Kotey have in her position,all the documents concerning the origin of the gold , ownership,deposit of the gold and license to export.The buyer is expected to come to Ghana and meet with the family or their representative and sign agreement before taking the gold away.Upon agreement,the buyer might be accompanied by a trustee to his destination.The buyer will personally take the gold to any laboratory for testing to determine the quality before agreement.
Further details concerning the gold will be relayed to you if you are interested or can find someone that could be interested in the business.You and I are entitled to 10% of the total proceed from the gold.I wait your response.
SincerelySolomon Tetteh Esq,Principal partner.

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