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Sunday, September 09, 2007

From MrMartins

From: Dr Martins Bruce -

From Mr.Martins.
Occupations: Auditor.

Greetings.I feel quite safe dealing with you in this important
Though,I choose to reach you through Internet because it still remains
the fastest medium of communication.However,this correspondence is
unofficial and private,and it should be treated as such.I am Mr martin
Bruce,a United Kingdom Government Auditor and I work in the
International operation department in a Bank here in UK. My purpose of
contacting you is that I am looking for a Reliable partner in a
foreign country to place as the next of kin to a dormant account that
have not been operated for years in my bank with a total sum of
39,000,000.00 Pounds and on further discreet investigation I also
discovered that the account holder has long since passed on (dead)
leaving no beneficiary to the account.I contacted you because you are
a foreigner and I will provide to you the necessary claim documents
the bank will require from you in other to claim this fund including
the details nformation of the account in my next mail.

I will inform you on what to do if you are going to assure me that you
will not betray me and my family with this fund in your possession so
as to enable me to start the paper work immediately without further
delay.I have a family of four,My wife claudia and hailey,brooke. Keep
this business within your self for security and safe reasons.Thanks as
I'm in anticipation of your favourable response.

Have a pleasant day.