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Sunday, September 09, 2007


From: Terry Ndovo -

Permit me to inform you of my desire of going into business relationships
with you.
My name is Terry Ndovo,24 years old.the only son of Mr. JOHN
NDOVO a Zimbabwe. This might be a surprise to you about where
I got your e-mail contact. I got your contact from England chamber
of commerce and industry,then i prayed over it.
During the current war against the farmers in Zimbabwe from the supports of
our President Robert Mugabe to
claim all the white-owned farms to his party members and his followers, he
ordered all white farmers to
surrender all their farms to his party members and his followers.
My father is one of the best farmers in our country and because he did not
support Mugabe's ideas,Mugabe's
supporters invaded my father's farm and burnt everything in the farm, and
made away with a lot of items
in my father's farm.
Before the death of my father on 24th april 2002, in a private hospital in
south africa.
he secretly called me on his bed side and told me that he has left the sun
US$4.Million (Four Million United States Dollars) in a Bank in Amsterdam,
that he used my name as his only son for the next of kin in deposit of the
fund.he also explained
to me that it was because of this wealth he was poisoned.that i should
seek for a foreign partner
in a country of my choice where i will transfer this money and use it for
investment purpose.
For this simply reason,i arranged with a travel agent who helped me to
travel to England where
i seek asylum as a refugee.
I am honourably seeking your assistance in the following ways.
1,To help me retrieve this fund and help provide a bank account where this
money would be transfered.
2).To serve as the guardian of this fund and me,
3) To make arrangement for me to come over to your country to further my
education and secure a residential
permit for me in your country.
Moreover,dear i am willing to offer you 15% of the total sum as
compensation for your effort/input after the
successful transfer of this fund to your nominated account
oversea.furthermore you can indicate your options
toward assiting me as i believe that this transaction would be concluded
within seven (7) days,
you signify interest to assit me.


Terry Ndovo