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Sunday, September 09, 2007


From: Dr George Robertson -

Privileged And Confidential:

My Name is Dr.George Robertson, the
Head of Fund Manager Executive with Fidelity Investment International.
The World Leading Investment & Fund Management Conglomerate that worth
over GBP ₤220 Billion Investor's Capital Funds.

The sum of GBP
₤45,745,000.00 has accrued lot of interest while the Original Funds
Owner(Representing our Investor) died six years back signing a None
Circumvention and Non disclosure agreement stating that his investment
deposit with Fidelity Investment UK shall not be directly or indirectly
disclosed to anybody including his family, relatives and friends base
on the Investor's high position in the Government of his country.

Therefore,I would like to present you as the Inheritor cum Next of Kin
to the deceased to claim the funds and our sharing ratio will be 50:50.
If you are interested, send me your direct telephone numbers for
discussion of this deal in further details and at the same time provide
more information on how this deal can be worked out.

Dr.George Robertson