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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Pls reply very urgentappeal from BInta

From: Binta Fonse -

Dear Sir,
Forgive my indignation if this message come to you as a surprise and if it might offend you without your prior consent and mailing through this channel.

I am Binta Fonse Moris the Daugther of the former business man Santo Fonse Moris, (late),a dealer of gold & Diamond and minerals in Sierra Leone and gained illicit access to diamond .As a result of the on-going problem in my country,my father was on a travelling with my mother, two younger ones my sister and brother.UnfortunateIy,my father car had a terrible accident and they were all perished. I lost the whole family due to that terrible incident and coupled with my country's war I had to live my home country since I had lost virtually the whole family. I am also to tell you that I am 28 years old, beautiful and charming good looking girl,honest and sincere. I am presently residing Dakar-Senegal with my Aunty. I came in here with my late father's valuable documents covering his assets with the finance company in which he deposited some diamond and funds in the vaults with the firm.
This Diamonds and money was deposited by my late father before he died,the amount is $8 m while the diamond is 22 Carats gold diamond worth about $1.2m for market value with a finance & Securities firm in Dakar,Senegal. I will gladly appreciate for you to assist me to relocate these assets from the holding company to your country for business investment.That is to say you are not going to pay for transfer fee.The company would transfer these assets to your position without charging you any money.
I have finally made up my mind to leave the rest of my lives in a more peacefull and political stable country like yours.I shall willingly agree to any suitable percentage or condition we may arrive on the choice as compensation for your assistance.I will be waiting to your reply.Plaese email thro;
Yours Faithfully,
Miss.Binta Fonse Moris