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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Dearest Beloved One

From: MrsAdams Charll -

Dearest Beloved One,
I know you may be surprise in getting this message from me due to the fact that you don't know me before. I decided to contact you with the hope to get a favourable assistance. My name is Mrs Charllotte Adams. .
I lost my husband few years ago to death.Before his death, he deals on cocoa and coffee business and also was a politician here in my country until he met his sudden  death. I inherited the sum of  (EIGHT MILLION SEVEN HUNDRED USD$ 8.700.000.000 USD MILLION) from him. Presently, I have a big problem now with my husband's brothers .
AFter Few years of my husbands death,My Doctor told me that it is very likely i will  die within the next 3 months due to a blood cancer {Lukameia}.
My husbands brothers now knowing my condition  of health  wanted to confiscate all the wealth and landed properties which he left behind for me.
The above sum was the only thing I was able to secure among all his properties.Because of their pressure and fear that they might discover the existence of this fund, I quickly put the funds in bank and arranged with my pastor who helped me to deposit it in the bank.
For security reasons, the money was was declared as family valuables and deposited in a Suspence Account to prevent any withdrawal from the money by any local beneifary.
I am sending you this message because I don't have any trust on my husband's brothers and my country where the fund is deposited is presently in civil war.
This is giving me sleepless nights. I am therefore soliciting for your assistance to help me secure the transfer of the money to your country so that the funds can be invested promptly. If you agree to help me, we shall negotiate on what will be your compensation for this noble assistance.
I can understand that with such treatment, their plan is to do away with my life so that they can feel comfortable with what they snatched from me. It is because of this problem that I decided to contact you for a help to rescue me from this ugly situation before I die here.
Apart from this money , I don't have any other thing in my life today. My financial situation is completely zero. Upon receipt of your response, I will send you the contact of the bank so that you can open up communications with them as my foreign partner who wants to help me secure thetransfer of this money to your country.
You will ask them to transfer  the money to directly to your country.I have with me all the documents covering this money with me and i will send them to you once i hear from you.
When this is successfully done and the funds under your custody, I will secretly arrange my escape from here to join you so that we can work on the funds investment. I am counting on you to save my life because I have a very serious problem now.please 
Sincerely yours,
Mrs Charllotte Adams.


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