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Thursday, September 06, 2007


From: John Sanco -

Good Day,
I know you may be surprised to receive this letter from me since you do not know me personally. Hence the necessity of my introduction. I am john Sanco,The first son of late Dr jimmy sanco, who was killed by rebels of opposition party in my country Liberia .

Because my late father was a political struggler, and he died on the struggle. Before he died, review to me and my mother that he deposited a consignment box in a security company in Ghana for security reason. That the box contain $15,000,000,000 00 USD (fifteen million united state dollars).Which all the documents my name was on it as the next of kin handover to me by my late father before he died,

When myself and my mother now came to Ghana to look for the security company knows as worldwide insurance and security company LTD. For lamed the manager of the security company told me and my mother that, the consignment box cannot be release to us. He as well made us to understand that, at the time my father was depositing the consignment box, he made an agreement with them that the box should not be release to any of his family member without a foreign beneficiary. That was why it was mandatory for me to contact you to assist us claim the consignment box as my late father foreign beneficiary.

For your information the security company did not know the content of what is inside the consignment box, because my father told them at the time of depositing the consignment that he contains family precious items. , The company did not know that it is money that is inside the consignment box. This top secret I am revealing to you now. Because if they should know, the officials of the company might decide to raise there eye brows on the fund. Which is dangerous so, keep it confidential to yourself four both of us success in this transaction.

In your next mail kindly forward your direct telephone number and fax number so that I will feed you with more information about this transaction also I will feed you with all document covering this fund,

Please in the name of God keep this transaction to secrete you know secrete go with success, in your next mail kindly get back to my private e-mail ID (
john sanco,

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