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Thursday, September 06, 2007


From: ASCOTT -

I am Mr Alexandre Scott, a Chartered Accountant and a personal assistant to my deceased client. I currently underwrite all of my late client's affairs as my services have been retained by the board to audit the activities of its late chairman in the entire British Isles. I got your contact address from a directory.
In the course of last year's routine audit of his investment portfolio, I discovered that a personal investment account has been dormant for over seven years. The account belongs to a single beneficiary (my late client)... The balance in this account currently stands at about 3 million pounds (Three Million pounds sterling). Further investigations of the said account reveal that my client last operated the account in 1999, about the time of his death. He died intestate and also with no next of kin, so there was no beneficiary/nobody coming forward all these years to lay claim to the investment.
Normally I am required by ethics to inform the Management about the existence of dormant accounts of this nature but as it is a personal account I have not done such. Statutorily, accounts of this kind are regarded as dormant if they are not operated for within a specified time. The personal investment account in this instance has been dormant for about 7 years, thus making it a dormant account.
Against the backdrop if the foregoing, I wish to inform you of the existence of the said dormant account since you and the late beneficiary bear the same last name. I am of the opinion that using our inside leverage, we (I am working on this with a discreet attorney at this time), together with yourself can secure the funds in this account for ourselves instead of allowing it transmit as "unclaimed funds" into the Treasury of the Government of the United Kingdom.
Our bilateral cooperation in this regard would entail your contacting the bank and applying as the only surviving relative of the deceased investor through the lawyer. I am in possession of all relevant documents (legal and Institutional) that will facilitate our achieving this goal. Once we get this deposit in the bank transferred to your name as Next-Of Kin, using our banking expertise to supervise the transfer of the funds in his accounts in the bank to an account which will be nominated by you as sole beneficiary to the estate.
You shall be adequately compensated for your part in this transaction as my colleague and I have agreed to give you a 25% share of the total funds for your collaborative efforts.
I shall however leave out the other details of this transaction till I receive an affirmation of your desire to participate. I can assure you that we are completely in charge of the transaction and as such there is no risk whatsoever if you decide to work with us. It is however important to say that UTMOST CONFIDENTIALITY is of vital importance if we are to successfully reap the immense benefits of this transaction.
Kindly find above an email contact that you may reach me with. I shall furnish you with secure phone and fax numbers by which we shall communicate on getting a response from you.
I look forward to hearing from you.
With warmest personal regards and best wishes,

Contact e-mail address-

Mr Alexandre Scott

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