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Thursday, September 06, 2007


From: mary george -

Dear Friend,
It is a pleasure to contact you at this important time for a possible business transaction. However, I got your contact through your country white page after a desperate search for a reliable person whom I can confide in. I am James George, Personal assistant to late General Jonas Savimbi and former chairman of the political wing of UNITA Rebel Movement in Angola headed by late General Jonas Savimbi Malveiro, who was shot dead on Tuesday 26th February 2002 by the opposing forces of Angolan army.You can view details if his death below on this BBC WEBSITE under:

For the past years now our country has been in political crisis and conflicts between the unita rebel and government allied forces. As a matter of fact, before the death of General Jonas Savimbi Malveiro, I was given the sum of USD$6 MILLION for the purchase of Fire Arms and Ammunitions from Russia and Ukraine, on my way to Ivory Coast where I have to connect my flight to Russia I was informed by my wife that Gen.Jonas Savimbi have been short dead together with most of his personal guides by the Angolan Armed forces.

I therefore decided to put hold my journey to Russia and decided to arrange the funds inside a trunk box and lodge it with a security company in the Holland Amsterdam Nietherlands, and declare the content of the trunk box as family antifact for security reason. So now that the era of civil conflict is over in my country and Unita movement have join the political process in Angola, I consider it a very useful opportunity for me to look for a trust reliable person who can help me claim the truck box of money, and then move the money over to your country into your possession. I am in Spain where I have been in asylum home since the past five years. I believe you are reliable and honest person, and you can assist me to claim this box money, and then help me come over to your country? And also guide me on how to invest my own share of the money? My dear, if you can sincerely assist me towards my proposal, with all your trust, please reply me with your full name, house address, and your direct phone number.

Please kindly handle this proposal with your utmost secrecy and confidentiality as all the necessary documents and proves as regards to this consignment will be forwarded to you on immidiately you fully accept be my partner to claim my box of money. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Please call me on this telephone: 0034 600 374 412.

Regards,James George.
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