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Wednesday, September 19, 2007


From: barr lampard -

Barr.Lampard Larry For Brown Chambers & Advocates Address:60 Bays water Road London W2 3PS,United Kingdom

Dear Friend,

I am sorry for contacting you through this medium without a previous notice, I had to use email because it is an official and more confidential way of making contact with people around the world.My name is Barr.Lampard Larry a Fifty Three (53) years old Attorney in practice here in London.I had a client by name Mr.Christian Eich who is a German Citizen and contractor based here in London now deceased.
On the Monday, 31 July, 2000, 13:22 GMT 14:22 UK , my client, his wife with their Children were involved in a Plane crash on their way to New York . Prior to the Death of my Late Client, He secured a contract of $40,000,000.00 million from the British Airways, following which he received a 30% mobilization fee of US$12,000,000.00 Million and successfully executed the contract, but the balance of US$28,000,000.00 Million contract payment was in the Process of being transferred into My Late Client's Account with ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND London which he submitted to the British Airways before he lost his life in the incidence.

Two weeks after his sudden Death, The British Airways effected the transfer of the balance of his Contract Funds into the Account that My Late Client has on his file with them. As his personal attorney after his death I have been officially notified and instructed by the ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND London where the money is currently deposited that I should provide and forward the particulars of Mr Christian Eich's next of kin so that the Funds in his Account can be remitted into his Next of Kin's Account in accordance with British Laws. However, as the personal attorney and close confidant of late Mr.Christian Eich, I want you to know that my late Client died without leaving a Will. Hence all my efforts to locate any of his relative whom I can present to the Bank as his next of kin have proved abortive.

Visit this website:

Therefore I am seeking for your consent to present you as the deceased relative/next of kin and subsequently the beneficiary of the fund so that the proceed of this account valued at $28,000,000.00 Million can be paid to you for subsequent disbursement between you and I. If you can cooperate with me and receive these funds as next of kin to late Mr.Christian Eich, Confirm your interest by contacting me through my confidential email. I can assure you that the deal is 100% risk free because I am in possession of the deceased personal file which contains all information which I shall use to prove your relationship with the deceased therefore the money will be paid into the account of whomever I present as LATE Mr.Christian Eich Next of kin with proofs that I will present to the bank when needed. When I receive a positive response and after proper discussion with you, I will furnish you all relevant information that will facilitate the release of the Funds to you. An Application will have to be filed to the Bank for processing of the release of the Funds into your nominated Bank account anywhere in the world.

Send to me your private phone and fax numbers for easy communication. Hope to hear from you soonest.

Your immediate response will facilitate earlier action

Yours truly,Barr. Lampard Larry
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