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Wednesday, September 19, 2007


From: Collins Dart -

From: Mr. Collins Dart
(Director, Corporate & International Finance)
Strategic Securities & Finance Co.
Strategic House, Great Bradford,
Bedford shire, MK65 3JJ
Tel: (44) 7031-923-022
Fax: (44) 7006-005-106


I am Mr. Collins Dart, Director, Corporate & International Finance, Strategic Securities and Finance Co., UK, I am confiding in you by asking for an assistance and co-operation to carry out this business opportunity in my department.

I discovered an unclaimed sum of $16.3Million (Sixteen Million and Three Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) in an account belonging to one of our deceased customer who died in a plane crash with his wife and daughter, while traveling to your for a vacation to his country on the 4th day of May 2002.

Since we got information about his death, we have searched and also have been expecting a beneficiary to come over and claim his money, unfortunately, all effort to locate any of his family/relation proved abortive since then. the finance company cannot release this money unless somebody applies as the next of kin/beneficiary to this claim with proves.

Our policy/guidelines indicated that if such money remained unclaimed for a period of Seven (7) years, it will be transferred into the Finance Treasury Account as an unclaimed fund. I have contacted you to receive this money into your designated account as the next of kin/beneficiary to this fund.

I will come over to join with you to invest my own share in your country thereafter the completion of the transaction, also be informed that this transaction is genuine and 100% risk free and also, I have copies of all the relevant documents to this claims, an Affidavit of Claims of Ownership will be procured to authenticate you as the legal beneficiary in case it is required on the process of the transfer. Your share of it shall be 40% and you will keep 60% for me.

NOTE: there is no need of Feel free to call or email me on receipt of this email or I will call you for further discussion on the next step via your Direct Phone number. My email address is:

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Collins Dart
Director, Corporate & International Finance
Tel: (44) 703 192 3022

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