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Monday, October 08, 2007


From: victoria lois -

5 Corlet Drive off
illovo Road Jhb
South Africa

Dear Sir/Ma,

I am very sorry to bother you with my email. But I want you to understand that I truly need your assistance to this great offer I am offering you from the deep of my mind. Before anything, I want to use this opportunity to introduce myself.

My name is VICTORIA LOIS. I am 21 years old from South Africa where I school and work as a tailor. I am the only daughter of my parents. My father died on a fatal motor accident on the 6th March 2006, on his way to see my sick mother at hospital where she was admitted for Cancer treatments.My mother gave up the ghost when she heard about the news of the death of my father in the same day and at the hospital where she was admitted. The name of the hospital is as thus:-KINGS HOSPITAL here in South Africa . May their gentle souls rest in perfect peace.

Before the death of my father, he had WILLED part of his REAL ESTATE to me and deposited the total amount of USD15,000,000m (Fifteen Million United States Dollars Only) for me with a security company here in South Africa .

Since my parents passed away, things have become very hard for me, paying my school fees and taking care of my other needs which the tailoring job I do as a part time after my school is not really helping, so, I went to the security company where this money was deposited.

I was shocked when the Manager of the company explained to me that I will not be able to draw from the money, because my father had put a clause on the 'WILL', saying that before I will be given access to the money,I will either have to be 27 years old or above.However he told me if I get married before the age of 27 years, in which case, my husband will be legible to collect the money on my behalf.

But today I am only 21 years. And I have no access to the money till I'm 27 years which is the more reason why I am contacting you to stand as my husband to claim this money on my behalf from the Security Company. If I can trust you, I will need your assistance in this regard please. I will want you to stand in as my own husband even if you are married already you can still claim this money on my behalf because I will provide all the necessary documentation of my late father.And l will arrange a marriage certificate between you and I to show the security company that we're legally married before the Johannesburg High Court here in South African.

Should you be interested in helping me, please write back to me urgently.

I hope that we shall discuss how you want remunerated when you get back to me. For my part, I shall be more than willing to part with 30% of the total sum to you while 5% will be mapped out for any expenses that may be incurred during the process of the transfer of the fund to your designated bank account proceeds.In this regard, you must be ready to help me financially that is the more reason why I am offering you the above percentage and also map out 5% for any unforeseen expenses that may arose.

Please remember that I am writing you this email purely on the ground of trust. While this transaction last, we must be able to put emotions aside and face it, I will be waiting to hear from you.

If the above terms are acceptable to you kindly send me your private contact fax and phone numbers for adequate communication on my private emails:,

Yours sincerely,

Miss Victoria Lois
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