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Monday, October 08, 2007


From: michael kuruma -


First and foremost, I must solicit your strictest confidence in this
transaction and I pray that my decision to contact you will be given
genuine approval considering the facts we have not known each other before;
I wish to use this opportunity to introduce myself to you.

I am (MICHAEL KURUMA) from Liberia, West Africa. I write to inform you
of my desire to invest, and to buy a living house in your country. I am
the first son of Mr. KURUMA KAFUR; my father was a diamond/gold
merchant in my country.My father had a bullet shot by the rebels on his way
traveling out of my country with two of my younger sister's due to
present crisis that is occurring in our country (Liberia). My sister's died
on the spot while

UN peacemaker, keeping force rescued my father, and he was taken to
hospital for medical treatment, which he later died. Before he died he
revealed to me and my mother about the box containing: some gold dust 50kg
$15.5 million,(fifteen million and five hundred thousand us dollars).
Which he deposited with a security company in Ghana for safekeeping.

My father did not disclose the content of the box to the security
company to avoid the officials from raising eyebrows to the funds. Presently
my mother and myself are here in Ghana to notify the security company
for the
claims, we are here as refugees .

Therefore I want you to come down here in Ghana and be our beneficairy
to this funds and withdraw this funds out from the security company as
the direct beneficiary of this consignment and direct me on how best we
can invest this money, because my father told me that it is dangerous
to invest this money in Africa to avoid suspicions, and due to market
instability coupled with economic and political instability facing
African count rise, that is why we
want to invest in Abroad.

For your mutual assistance, my mother and myself have agreed to offer
you 25% of the total amount of the money.We have all the vital documents
covering the deposit and the ownership, which I can send to you through
fax on request.

Note: I will like you to keep this as confidential as ever. Forward to
me your fax and phone or mobile numbers for easy communication. Waiting
for your urgent response.and you can use the same e mail address to
contact me.

Best regards,


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